Lake Brownwood State Park Improvements – Brownwood TX

Pecan Bayou flooded the city of Brownwood in late September of 1900 causing considerable damage to the business district and washing away the train track that served the city. The citizens of Brown County looked for a way to control… read more

Lake Cisco-Area Park Improvements – Cisco TX

Among the Works Progress Administration (WPA) projects identified as completed in a Abilene Daily Reporter article from June 14, 1936 was “park Improvements” in Cisco, Texas. “Lake Improvements consisted of clearing the creek channel below the dam and swimming pool,… read more

Lake Cliff Park Improvements – Dallas TX

The site, originally developed in 1906 as an amusement park, was acquired by the City of Dallas in 1914. The park encompasses 44 acres and a large lake. Works Progress Administration (WPA) sponsored improvements included construction of a stone picnic shelter in 1938, roque court, retaining wall, paving, picnic units, a bridge,… read more

Lake Herington Development – Herington KS

Multiple New Deal agencies: the Civil Works Administration (CWA) and Works Progress Administration (WPA) were involved in the improvement and development of the park surrounding Lake Herington in Herington, Kansas. 1934: “Herington has been allotted $6,106 from the CWA state… read more

Lake Ilo National Wildlife Refuge – Dunn Center ND

Lake Ilo National Wildlife Refuge was created in 1939 by Executive Order of President Franklin D. Roosevelt (which wikipedia incorrectly calls an act of Congress in 1938).  The land was purchased and administered by the Bureau of Biological Survey (which… read more

Lake Leatherwood Park – Eureka Springs AR

“This nomination seeks to recognize the entire property comprising Lake Leatherwood Park as a National Register Historic District.  Previously, Lake Leatherwood Dam and Recreational Facilities, consisting of the bathhouse and the picnic shelter, were listed individually in the National Register… read more