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Images of New Deal Art

A web search for “New Deal Art” brings up hundreds of links.

This curated Resources guide aims to highlight the most useful, the most reliable, and the most generally interesting. Information about specific works, artists, or exhibits is available to everyone with a web browser. Your suggestions for additions to this page are welcome.

Wide-Ranging General Sites

New Deal Art Registry

WPA Murals

A New Deal For The Arts

Catalog of pre-1962 murals located in GSA Buildings

Indians at the Post Office, National Postal Museum

Specific States or Cities

California New Deal Murals and Reliefs

New Deal Murals in New York

Chicago and New Deal Art

5 New Deal Post Office Murals (Appalachia)

New Deal Art – Oklahoma

A Common Canvas: Pennsylvania’s New Deal Post Office Murals

Philadelphia’s New Deal Murals

Rediscovering the People’s Art: New Deal Murals in Pennsylvania’s Post Offices

San Antonio’s New Deal Post Office Murals

The New Deal and the Arts in Seattle

How Depression-Era Art Lives on Across the Garden State (New Jersey)

Art and the Great Depression

Hope on the Wall: Connecticut’s New Deal Post Office Murals

The New Deal in New York City, 1933-1943

When Art Worked: New Deal-era Paintings at the Minnesota History Center

New Deal Left Its Stamp on Local Post Offices (Indiana)

The Depression-era art of the Federal  Art Project in Minnesota

Federal Art Project (Louisiana)

Alabama’s New Deal post office art: How it got there, what survives

A New Deal for Los Angeles (video)

Abstract Murals of the WPA (New York City)

New Deal Murals in Governmental Buildings in Northern California

New Deal Dallas Projects

Iowa Post Office Murals

The Great Arkansas Post Office Tour

Depression Legacy: Nebraska’s Post Office Art

New Deal Arts & Culture Programs in Kansas

Articles of Interest

Franklin D. Roosevelt Library and Museum

Lost, Missing, and Restored New Deal Post Office Murals

Off the Wall: New Deal Post Office Murals

WPA Murals Get a New Deal

New Deal Art in Post Offices

Artists Helped Life America Out of the Great Depression. Could That Happen Again?

New Deal Reckoning

Saving WPA Murals to Share Our Nation’s History

The Art of the Great Depression

The Myths about FDR’s New Deal Arts Programs Are Misleading

Federal Art Project of Works Progress Admin

The Art of Propaganda: Painting the New Deal

The Federal Art Project in Washington State

How the Federal Art Project Gave American Artists Hope During the Great Depression


Ben Shahn’s New Deal Murals: Jewish Identity in the American Scene

Harold Lehman: New Deal Murals

Artists of the New Deal

Wisconsin Post Office Mural Artists

Bernard Zakheim Murals

Stephen Mopope, U.S. Post Office Murals, Anadarko OK


Wall to Wall America: Post Office Murals in the Great Depression by Karal Ann Marling, University of Minnesota Press

The New Deal Art Projects. An Anthology of Memoirs by Francis V. O’Connor, Smithsonian Institution Press

1934: A New Deal for Artists by Roger Kennedy and Ann Prentice Wagner, Smithsonian and D. Giles Ltd.

Democratic Art: The New Deal’s Influence on American Culture by Sharon Ann Musher, University of Chicago Press

Wisconsin Post Office Murals by David W. Gates, Jr.

Tennessee Post Office Murals by David W Gates, Jr.

New Deal Art in North Carolina by Anita Price Davis

Nebraska’s Post Office Murals: Born of the Depression, Fostered by the New Deal by L. Robert Puschendorf

New Deal Art in the Northwest: The WPA and Beyond by Margaret E. Bullock, University of Washington

New Deal Art in Arizona by Betsy Fahlman, University of Arizona Press

New Deal Art in North Carolina by Anita Price Davis. McFarland

African American Artists and the New Deal Art Programs by Mary Ann Calo, Penn State University

Living New Deal. Still Working.