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Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center Renovation – Oakland CA

Date added: July 18, 2018

The Works Progress Administration began work on the Oakland Civic Auditorium in 1935. WPA Project No. 65-3-1336, Approval Date 10/18/35, $21,029, “Recondition, paint, Municipal Auditorium.” Kaiser Convention Center is a historic, publicly owned multi-purpose arena located in Oakland, California. The… read more

Athletic Field – Gorman TX

Date added: July 15, 2018

The Works Progress Administration built an athletic field in Gorman TX. A rock masonry fence with concrete coping encloses the athletic field. The fence is 8′-4″ tall and 12″ wide. The rock entrance and ticket booths with the plaque are… read more

High School Gymnasium – Gorman TX

Date added: July 15, 2018

Located behind the current high school in Gorman, Texas is a blond brick two story gymnasium that bears a Works Progress Administration plaque, dates 1935-1937.

School Building – Gorman TX

Date added: July 15, 2018

Rock building behind the current Gorman High School. Has large window openings covered with wood panels. Not sure what this building was used for. It has a chimney at each end of the building. The entrance on the North side… read more

Community Center (former School) Expansion – Desdemona TX

Date added: July 15, 2018

Buff brick building. Main section is two stories, with one story wings on each side. There is a plaque on the main/center section ” Works Progress Administration 1935-1937″ The Desdemona School (grades 1-12) was built in 1922 and expanded as… read more

City Auditorium – Kelliher MN

Date added: July 15, 2018

The Arts-and-Crafts-style City Auditorium in Kelliher, MN, was built in 1938-40 by the Works Progress Administration (WPA).

Public School – Tolar TX

Date added: July 15, 2018

The completed project, including the local funds and Works Progress Administration money, totals around $37,000. The structure is built of native stone, it contains eight class rooms, study hall, library, office, text book room and auditorium. Hardwood floors were used… read more

City Hall – De Leon TX

Date added: July 15, 2018

The Works Progress Administration (WPA) built the municipal building in De Leon, Texas. The building has housed various municipal functions over the years, including  the City Hall, Fire Station, Auditorium, and Library. Official project No. 665-66-2-16. File card text: City Hall; City… read more

Dauffau School Gymnasium – Dauffau TX

Date added: July 15, 2018

Rubble rock building with a WPA plaque. START WORK ON DUFFAU PROJECT: Construction work is under way on the $13,500 gymnasium building of the Duffau school, with Bryan Casbeer, of Lampasas, as project superintendent. The project is being financed through… read more

E. W. Luther Elementary School Gate – South Milwaukee WI

Date added: July 11, 2018

The Works Progress Administration built an entrance gate for the E. W. Luther Elementary School track. A plaque installed on the structure reads: “WPA 1036.” The gate marks the back entrance to the school’s athletic field.  

Dublin High School Gymnasium – Dublin TX

Date added: July 11, 2018

The Works Progress Administration built facilities for the Dublin High School between 1938-1940. A large rock construction structure located to the right of the High School building bears a plaque that reads “Works Progress Administration 1938-1940.” Across the front of the building is… read more

Oakdale Irrigation District Improvements – Oakdale CA

Date added: July 11, 2018

Two separate Works Progress Administration projects made important improvements to the Oakdale Irrigation District. “WPA Project No. 65-1-08-2241, amount approved $452,390 2/3/40, average employed 74 “Improve irrigation facilities of the Oakdale Irrigation District, including trimming and lining canals; constructing bulkheads;… read more

Columbia Elementary School – Columbia CA

Date added: July 11, 2018

Columbia elementary received additions via the Works Progress Administration shortly after its construction 1937. This Italianate-style building appears in very good condition. The facility was built in the current location in 1936 replacing the one-room school that served during the… read more

Majors Stadium Entry (former) – Greenville TX

Date added: July 9, 2018

The state historical marker erected at this site describes the still standing arched entryway to the now demolished Majors Stadium as having been built by the Works Progress Administration in 1940.