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New Deal airports, schools, hospitals, post offices, art, highways and more are still in use 75 years after they were built. No city, town, or rural area was untouched by the New Deal.

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New Deal San Francisco Map

We have created a printed map and pocket guide to the highlights of the New Deal in San Francisco, available to visitors, teachers, students and the general public.

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Piero della Francesca, The Queen of Sheba Adoring the Holy Wood, c. 1458, mural (part of the Cycle of the True Cross), Arezzo, Tuscany

A Cosmopolitan New Deal

The muralists of the New Deal are often perceived as being provincial and isolationist because their works celebrate “American values,” and depict a nation that is often rural, in a figurative style. Yet, many artists were internationally-minded and their realism was… read more

New Deal Today

Detail from Frank W. Long, "The Rural Free Mail," recently restored for new generations. © The United States Postal Service, All Rights Reserved.

On Restoring a New Deal Mural

For more than seventy years, the murals of Frank W. Long have been hanging in post offices and other public buildings in the South and Midwest. “It was almost by accident that I became a painter of murals,” Long writes… read more

New New Deal


A New New Deal from the Bottom Up

At The Living New Deal, we’ve long been tracking rumblings of a new New Deal in American political circles. So often, though, that conversation centers on the biographies and affiliations of major politicians. Over at The American Prospect, Christopher Faricy… read more

New Deal of the Day

New Deal of the Day

New Deal Smiles

The Great Depression was not all breadlines and sorrow; the New Deal turned millions of frowns into smiles, as seen in thousands of photos of workers and people benefitting from CCC, WPA, NYA and other projects.

Photos of New Deal Smiles

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Submit information and photos on New Deal sites near you or that you visit. It’s simple and fun. We rely on crowdsourcing to build the Living New Deal archive and expand our map to new places.

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We collect audio, video, photographic and written histories of the New Deal from people who lived through the era and their families. What did the New Deal mean to you, your parents or grandparents?

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Living New Deal Events

  • Discover a Forgotten New Deal Photographer in SF.

    An unknown elder of American landscape photography, George Alexander Grant (pictured) was the first Chief Photographer of the National Park Service. Though his iconic images inspired millions of Americans to visit their national parks, Grant is largely unknown because his… read more

  • A Dinner Honoring Harry Hopkins.

    Join Retired Senator Tom Harkin for Sioux City’s first annual Harry Hopkins Democratic Dinner & Celebration. The event, to be held on Saturday, October 15, honors the Sioux City-born New Deal advisor. More details can be found here.

  • A New Course on 1930’s Art and Culture.

    If you live in the Baltimore area, and are eager to learn more about the 1930’s, the JHU-Osher program is offering a six-week course on the culture of this tumultuous and pivotal decade. Led by Bill Barry, retired Director of Labor… read more

  • Exhibition of Vermont’s WPA Art Collection.

    The T.W. Wood Gallery in Montpelier, VT, is planning a joint exhibit with the Central Vermont Medical Center to exhibit the state’s collection of Works Progress Administration (WPA) art. The WPA exhibit will highlight many works from the outstanding collection of paintings and… read more