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New Deal airports, schools, hospitals, post offices, art, highways and more are still in use 75 years after they were built. No city, town, or rural area was untouched by the New Deal.

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New Deal New York Map

We have created a printed map and pocket guide to the highlights of the New Deal in New York, available to visitors, teachers, students and the public.

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Exhibit: “New Deal Picture Stories” – The Photography of Arthur Rothstein

“New Deal Picture Stories” – The Photography of Arthur Rothstein will be hosted by the Canessa Gallery, located at 708 Montgomery St. San Francisco, CA.Opening Reception: Friday, December 7, 2018. 6:00pm–9:00 pm. Arthur Rothstein (1915-1985) is recognized as one of America’s premier photojournalists. Rothstein became the… read more

New Deal Today

Our Spirit of the New Deal Conference Now Online

  Videos of our “Women and the Spirit of the New Deal Conference” now online. More than 150 people attended our conference, held at UC Berkeley, October 5-6. Videos, photos, and the conference program are now online. Women played prominent… read more

New New Deal

Climate Activists Demanding “Green New Deal” Arrested at Pelosi’s Office

Young climate activist are driving a generational shift in the Democratic Party. Backed by Democratic Congresswoman-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, the climate activists with the Sunrise Movement and Justice Democrats were arrested on Capitol Hill this week. This past… read more

New Deal Smiles

The Great Depression was not all breadlines and sorrow; the New Deal turned millions of frowns into smiles, as seen in thousands of photos of workers and people benefitting from CCC, WPA, NYA and other projects.

Photos of New Deal Smiles

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Submit information and photos on New Deal sites near you or that you visit. It’s simple and fun. We rely on crowdsourcing to build the Living New Deal archive and expand our map to new places.

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Share Your Story

We collect audio, video, photographic and written histories of the New Deal from people who lived through the era and their families. What did the New Deal mean to you, your parents or grandparents?

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Living New Deal Events

  • 80th Anniversary Celebration – Golden Gate International Exposition – Feb. 2.

      The PWA-funded Treasure Island Administration Building will be the venue of the 80th Anniversary Celebration of the Golden Gate International Exposition on Feb. 2. The event is organized by the Treasure Island Museum Association. Event Details: “SAVE THE DATE and… read more

  • Harvey Smith Talk: “Sonoma Valley And The New Deal” – January 12.

    Living New Deal Project Advisor Harvey Smith will speak about New Deal programs in Sonoma Valley at the Sonoma Community Center on January 12 at 2:00 PM. The talk is part of the Sonoma Valley Historical Society “Second Saturday” Lecture… read more

  • The Art of the New Deal: 1930s WPA projects in Sacramento Valley – Presentation by Bruce Marwick.

    The Sacramento Art Deco Society, in partnership with the Sacramento Public Central Library is hosting a presentation by Bruce Marwick, about notable Works Progress Administration (WPA) projects in the Sacramento Valley during the Great Depression. The presentation will focus on… read more

  • 80th Anniversary of the WPA Era Maritime Museum Building.

    On January 25, 2019, the Maritime Museum will be celebrating the 80th anniversary of the WPA-built Maritime Museum Building. The event will take place at the Aquatic Park in San Francisco. The Living New Deal will be co-sponsoring the event… read more