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New Deal airports, schools, hospitals, post offices, art, highways and more are still in use 75 years after they were built. No city, town, or rural area was untouched by the New Deal.

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New Deal Washington, DC

A map and guide to the key New Deal buildings and murals.

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New Deal New York

A map and guide to the key New Deal buildings and murals.

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New Deal San Francisco

A map and guide to key New
Deal buildings and murals.

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New-Deal-Built Lava Elementary School in Idaho to Potentially Close

The Marsh Valley School District Board of Trustees plans to discuss the closure of the school because of a budget shortfall and its declining student population. The school has only 68 students. The Lava High School gymnasium was built in… read more

New Deal Today


Today’s Conservative Movement Has Roots in the Capitalist Backlash Against the New Deal, An Interview with historian Kim Phillips-Fein

By Daniel, December 16, 2023 During the New Deal, right-wing business people were furious that their authority was being challenged in the workplace and in society. So they started organizing. And that’s the origin story of the modern conservative movement…. read more

New New Deal


Transforming the Nation’s Food System: Lessons from the New Deal and Strategies for Today

The Living New Deal NYC Chapter, Roosevelt House, Hunter College City University of New York, and Hunter College New York City Food Policy Center, invite you to attend a new public programpresented only on Zoom Transforming the Nation’s Food System:… read more

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Living New Deal Events

  • March 6, “The Life of Frances Perkins, Fireside Chat with Dr. Christopher N. Breiseth”.

    Via Zoom “The Life of Frances Perkins” A Fireside Chat with Dr. Christopher N. Breiseth Monday, March 6, 2023, 4:45pm EST, via Zoom Host: National New Deal Preservation Association Frances Perkins served as FDR’s Secretary of Labor. She was the… read more

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