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Share Your New Deal Story

 “Scenes of Local History: Fiesta”, San Diego

We Want Your Stories!

An essential part of the New Deal was how its public works projects changed the lives of ordinary Americans. Did you work on a New Deal project? Did you mother paint a New Deal mural? Did your grandfather help build a road or a dam? Was your uncle in the CCC helping to improve our great National Parks?

Millions of people have memories of how the New Deal helped their families get through the Great Depression, gave them meaningful work, and left a mark on their town or state. Millions more benefit from New Deal public works today and love the murals in their Post Office or the beauty of their favorite park.

Those memories are an essential part of the New Deal legacy and we at the Living New Deal want to keep them alive and make them available to everyone.

Please share your experiences with us – we would love to hear from you!

  • Were you or a family member a participant in a New Deal Program? (Example: former CCC enrollee)

Living New Deal. Still Working for America.