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New Deal History: Revisited & Revised

News items that discuss and rethink the New Deal and its impact on America.

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  • New Dealish: Berkeley Rose Garden Inspires a Song and Film
    • August 29, 2023
    As development marched toward the Berkeley hills in the 1920s, the ravine carved by Cordonices Creek was considered too steep for houses. With panoramic westward views of San Francisco Bay and the Golden Gate, the 3.6-acre canyon captured the imagination of park advocates. Renowned Berkeley architect Bernard Maybeck designed a ...
  • Favorite New Deal Site: A Riverside Greenway, Charleston, West Virginia
    • August 29, 2023
    A Riverside GreenwayCharleston, West Virginia Several times a week I walk alongside a beautiful stretch of the Kanawha River in downtown Charleston, West Virginia.  Kanawha Boulevard was a narrow, traffic-clogged street when, in late 1930s, the city and the Public Works Administration (PWA) funded a 14-mile throughway to improve traffic flow. ...
  • Capturing the Past
    • August 29, 2023
    Capturing the Past On June 19, 1934, President Franklin Roosevelt signed legislation establishing a “National Archives of the United States Government.” It was the culmination of decades of congressional debate on the issue of national records preservation.The new agency began by acquiring federal records from the U.S. Senate, White House, Department ...
  • "Imperial San Francisco" Now an Audio Book
    • August 29, 2023
    Living New Deal founder Dr. Gray Brechin’s provocative 1999 bestseller, Imperial San Francisco: Urban Power, Earthly Ruin, (University of California Press) is now available as an audio book narrated by the author. A website that accompanies the audio book's release includes color illustrations from the book not previously published, synopses ...
  • Government Website Highlights New Deal Art
    • August 29, 2023
    A revamped Fine Arts Collection website recently unveiled by the US General Services Administration (GSA) is a bonanza for anyone interested in public art and especially those who love the art of the New Deal. While still a work in progress, the site’s detailed data, cross links and color photographs ...
  • Imperial San Francisco: Audiobook, available NOW
    • August 28, 2023
    Gray Brechin's provocative and best-selling book, Imperial San Francisco: Urban Power, Earthly Ruin, first published by the University of California Press in 1999 is now available as an audio book read by Gray Brechin. The book is now more relevant than ever as contemporary events catch up with it. The ...
  • Video: The CCC's Legacy at Eagle Creek Recreation Area in Oregon
    • August 1, 2023
    Soon after the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) was established in March 1933, the U. S. Forest Service supervised CCC enrollees in their development of a new campground at Eagle Creek as well as the expansion of Oregon’s original Eagle Creek Campground. These young men built park structures, laid out campsites ...
  • Rewriting America
    • July 26, 2023
    Rewriting America The New Deal’s Federal Writers’ Project (FWP), begun in 1935, employed more than 10,000 out-of work writers, editors, art critics, researchers and historians. Women made up forty percent of the workforce, including as state directors. It hired now-renowned African American writers. The FWP’s founding director, Henry Alsberg, was a ...
  • Film Festival to Present New Deal Spirit Award
    • July 25, 2023
    Greenbelt, Maryland will celebrate the 90th anniversary of FDR’s New Deal (1933-1942) at the19th Utopia Film Festival to be held October 20-22 at the city’s historic Old Greenbelt Theatre. This year’s festival will include a presentation of the “New Deal Spirit Award.” The award recognizes independent films that reflect New Deal ideals. Since ...
  • New Dealish: Brother, Can You Spare—a Quarter?
    • July 20, 2023
    Many Americans viewed the First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt's active public life “with mingled admiration and alarm,” according to one reporter at the time. An Atlanta couple sent a telegram to FDR: “MR. PRESIDENT WOULD YOU PLEASE SUGGEST THAT MRS. ROOSEVELT CONFINE HER DUTIES MORE TO THE WHITE HOUSE.” Between 1933 and 1937 ...
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