Hurricane-Proof Housing – San Juan PR

The PRRA built housing across the Island, as described in the 1938 Annual Report of the Department of the Interior: “The development of that part of the urban housing program of the P. R. R. A. originally aimed for the elimination of unsafe… read more

University of Puerto Rico – San Juan PR

The expansion and development of Puerto Rico’s education system was central to the Puerto Rico Reconstruction Administration’s (PRRA) agenda. The agency earmarked $2,062,954.40 for the development of the University of Puerto Rico, which remains the most important higher-education institution on… read more

University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Grand Stand – San Juan PR

The main campus of the University of Puerto Rico was founded in 1903 in Río Piedras.  Part of the campus, including the athletic field, was built with the help of the PRRA. “In 1924 the Chicago firm of urbanists Bennett, Parsons and… read more