Appalachian State University: Watson-Brumit Hall (old Hospital) – Boone NC

Watson-Brumit Hall

During the Great Depression the Federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA) and Work Projects Administration (WPA) helped to develop and complete the old Watauga County Hospital, whose construction had begun at the beginning of the 1930s. The building was later known… read more

Bayley Seton Hospital – Staten Island NY

U.S. Marine Hospital

Originally the United States Marine Hospital, what is now Richmond University Medical Center’s Bayley Seton Hospital was a PWA project. It is described by the Federal Writers’ Project: “United States Marine Hospital, Bay Street and Vanderbilt Avenue, a Federal hospital… read more

Betty Bacharach Home for Afflicted Children (former) Addition – Longport NJ

Longport, New Jersey’s Betty Bacharach Home for Afflicted Children was constructed in 1924, before the Great Depression. However, the federal Works Progress Administration (WPA) constructed an addition, featuring a “new physiotherapy pool and treatment unit” at the site starting in… read more

Boswell Regional Center: Mississippi State Tuberculosis Sanatorium – Magee MS

In a state-wide program to renovate and improve Mississippi institutions, the State Tuberculosis Hospital, using relief labor and ERA funding, carried out extensive painting and repairs and improvements in 1934-1935. $23,844.80 was expended on interior, exterior painting, floor refinishing, plastering,… read more

Camp Edwards – Cape Cod MA

“Between 1935 and 1940, Massachusetts and the federal government, primarily using Works Project Administration funds, constructed 63 buildings (all but Buildings 102 and the old Williams Hospital have since been demolished) and two, 500-foot (150 m) wide turf runways at… read more

Central Islip State Hospital Improvements – Central Islip NY

The no-longer-extant Central Islip State Hospital “was the largest psychiatric institution ever to exist in the United States.” Two WPA projects at the hospital involved the following: 1. “Painting brick walls of various buildings of [the] institution, $23,557.” 2. “Removal… read more

Christiansted Hospital Sanitation System – Christiansted, St. Croix VI

The Works Progress Administration built a new cistern and carried out the repairs and extension of the water and sewer systems, at Christiansted Hospital. Today, the facilities, known as Old Hospital, are vacant and in an advanced state of disrepair.