Lovell General Hospital (former) Improvements – Shirley MA

The W.P.A. conducted improvement work at the grounds of the former Lovell General Hospital [branch: North, East, South—unknown] in Shirley, Mass. W.P.A. project details: “Improve grounds” Official Project Number: 265‐2‐14‐66 Total project cost: $48,421.00 Sponsor: Commanding General, Lovell General Hospital, U.S. Army

Mansfield Training School and Hospital (former) Development – Mansfield CT

America Builds: “Many schools for feeble-minded and epileptic children have been built … At Mansfield the State of Connecticut maintains a school, which with the aid of a PWA grant of $2,576,700 provides living and hospitalization facilities, as well as… read more

Margaret Hague Maternity Hospital (former) Addition – Jersey City NJ

Margaret Hague Maternity Hospital, constructed 1928 to 1931, underwent a $2,000,000 extension project undertaken in part with federal Public Works Administration funds. At one point this was among—if not the single—busiest maternity hospitals in the U.S. The massive addition, identifiable… read more

Maricopa County Welfare Sanitarium (Demolished) – Tempe AZ

The Civil Works Administration and the Federal Emergency Relief Administration built the Arizona State Tuberculosis Sanatorium in Tempe, Maricopa County, in 1934. Also known as the Maricopa County Welfare Sanitarium, the facility was initially built as a 60-room sanatorium. The… read more

Maritime Commission Hospital (former) Additions – Portland ME

From Joseph Conforti’s Creating Portland: “The Public Works Administration constructed a number of staff residences and dormitories on the campus of the existing Maritime Commission hospital, which was completed in 1859.” From Joseph Conforti’s Creating Portland: “The Public Works Administration… read more