Tuberculosis Hospital Heating Plant – Kearney NE

At approximately the same time that the State Board of Control was considering the construction of a new Men’s Hospital, a need for a new heating plant was also being considered. Architect John P. Helleberg, of Kearney, completed plans for… read more

Walter Reed National Military Medical Center – Bethesda MD

National Naval Medical Center Tower - Bethesda MD

The Walter Reed National Military Medical Center began life as the National Naval Medical Center under the New Deal. Congress appropriated the funds in 1937 and President Franklin D. Roosevelt selected the site in Bethesda, Maryland.   Architect Paul Cret designed a… read more

Welfare Island Prison Hospital (demolished) Improvements – New York NY

The Works Progress Administration spent $1,500,000 for miscellaneous alterations, additions, renovations, grading, and landscaping of grounds at hospital and institutions to New York’s Charity Hospital. In addition, a nurse’s home and a power plant were constructed at the hospital in… read more

Wrentham State School (former) Development – Wrentham MA

Multiple New Deal agencies carried out improvement, development, and/or construction work at what was then Wrentham State School (now Wrentham Developmental Center). Annual Report: “Much valuable work has been done at the institution during the year through the use of… read more