Rikers Island Penitentiary Improvements – East Elmhurst NY

Excerpt from the National Archives and Records Administration, Neg. 17975-D: “Rikers Island Penitentiary. Description of work done by WPA. Erection of four single family residences; two single family residences; 5400 linear feet chain-like fence. Fence around entire institution, fence around… read more

Robert W. Speer Memorial Children’s Hospital – Denver CO

The Public Works Administration funded the construction of the Robert W. Speer Memorial Children’s Hospital in Denver CO. The building was completed in 1939. Today, the building is part of the Denver General Hospital. A cornerstone on the building reads, “Federal… read more

Sierra County Courthouse – Truth or Consequences NM

Sierra County Courthouse

“The New Mexico Veterans’ Center (formerly Carrie Tingley Hospital) was partially funded with WPA funds in 1937. The buildings were left vacant in 1981 when the Hospital moved to Albuquerque. In 1983 the Veterans’ Administration and the New Mexico Legislature… read more

State Industrial Home (demolished) – Oakland CA

The Works Progress Administration (WPA) continued work at this facility from the Federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA). WPA project No. 65-3-2140, Approval Date 10-25-35, $1.045, “Paint Int. State Industr. Home. ERA” (Federal Emergency Relief Administration) Excerpt from Oakland Wiki: “The… read more

State Narcotic Hospital Spadra Improvements – Pomona CA

The State Narcotic Hospital Spadra was a once separate program within the grounds of what is known today as the Lanterman Developmental Center in Pomona, CA. No records exist since the unincorporated area known as Spadra was annexed into the… read more

Tri-County Hospital Nurses’ Dormitory (demolished) – Orangeburg SC

Orangeburg, South Carolina’s former Tri-County Hospital was constructed with federal Public Work Administration (PWA) funds during the Great Depression. The Works Progress Administration (WPA) provided support for construction of the hospital’s nurses’ dormitory. “In 1937 the W.P.A. approved a grant… read more