Fargo VA Medical Center Improvements – Fargo ND

The federal Work Projects Administration worked to improve what is now the Fargo VA Medical Center in Fargo, North Dakota during the 1930s. One project was described by the WPA in its project rolls: “[G]rading; reconstructing roads; sidewalks; installing sewers;… read more

Gallinger Municipal Hospital Improvements (demolished) – Washington DC

The original Gallinger Hospital dates back to 1846, when the hospital was first located on the banks of the Anacostia River. The hospital moved to this site during the Civil War, with frame buildings meant to house wounded soldiers and… read more

Galveston State Psychopathic Hospital Improvements – Galveston TX

The Works Progress Administration completed improvements to the Galveston State Psychopathic Hospital Improvements in Galveston TX. According to a Waxahachie Daily Light, 1938, federal funds sponsored the following improvements work at the Galveston State Psychopathic Hospital: “[i]mprove drives on grounds of… read more

Greystone Psychiatric Park Improvements – Morris Plains NJ

“373 [CWA] men are employed on the largest project, the improvement of roads, farm buildings, sewage and water works at Greystone Park.”   (mcl.mainlib.org) “Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital (also known as Greystone Psychiatric Park, Greystone Psychiatric Hospital, or simply Greystone) refers… read more