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  • Kenilworth Avenue NE Improvements - Washington DC
    In 1935-36, Works Progress Administration (WPA) widened and improved the segment of Kenilworth Avenue NE between Benning Road and the District line, roughly a mile and a half in length. The DC government's 1936 fiscal year report says: “The paving of Kenilworth Avenue NE, from Benning Road to District of Columbia line, was completed during the year. This project was one of the outstanding jobs in the northeastern section of the city. The old roadway was narrow and had reached the point where economical repairs were impossible. The railway tracks were removed from their old location and have been placed in...
  • Vocational Building - Little Rock MS
    The National Youth Administration built the Beulah-Hubbard Consolidated School's vocational/home economics building in 1938. Although some buildings and ruins remain of the complex, it is unknown if the vocational building is one of them.
  • Waterworks System - Ripley MS
    Public Works Administration (PWA) project 7312 for Ripley’s waterworks system was approved June 20, 1934 for a loan of $51,500 and a grant of $17,135. Construction was started 11/15/1935 and completed 11/5/1937. Ripley proposed to issue revenue bonds in order to obtain the loan/grant to purchase a private system, with the town operating it as a municipal plant. However, it was challenged in a lawsuit, by a local taxpayer and only after reaching the Mississippi State Supreme Court was the validity of the town issuance of the bonds affirmed. The court case was resolved June 10, 1935, enabling the process...
  • Street Improvements - New Albany MS
    New Albany received a grant of $28,800 to improve streets 9/13/1938 as PWA project 1324. Construction began 11/17/1938 toward the $62,195 project, completed 8/21/1939.
  • Street Improvements - Hernando MS
    PWA project 1200 for paving in Hernando was for $16,000 loan and $13,090 grant approved 11/17/1936. Construction began 4/5/1937 and was completed 6/10/1937 for a total cost of $29,571. The work included paving the street around the courthouse square and surfacing eight lateral streets in the town. Contract was awarded to Bowyer & Johnson for $25,037.
  • Street Improvements - Shelby MS
    PWA Project 1343 for street improvement in Shelby was approved 9/16/1938 for a grant of $20,454. Contracts were awarded 11/30/1938 and construction began 12/5/1938. Work was completed 3/22/1939 for a total cost of $47,638. Mississippi House Bill 23 authorized the town of Shelby to borrow funds to contribute to the PWA funds.
  • School - Lake MS
    The Public Works Administration project w1259 funded $7,363 of the cost of the Lake school. The project was approved 8/12/1937, construction begun 12/16/1937, and completed 12/15/1938. The building was a 1-story brick complex.
  • School (former) - Wahalak MS
    Public Works Administration project W1155 was a $2000 loan and a $1629 grant for a school, approved 11/14/1935. The first contract was awarded 12/14/1935 and construction began 1/22/1936. Wahalak was completed 8/5/1936. The school was consolidated with the Scooba school in 1949, and it was reported the former school was converted to a private home.
  • Vocational Building - Heidelberg MS
    The National Youth Administration constructed a vocational building for the Heidelberg vicinity school complex in 1941.
  • School Expansion - Philadelphia MS
    Congressman Ross Collins announced Public Works Administration (PWA) approval of allotment of $28,636 for the Philadelphia School in Neshoba County. Project W1214 was approved 8/17, 1937. Contract was awarded 12/14, 1937, construction began 12/18/1937, and was completed 8/18/1938. The school's 1938 gymnasium, designed by Krouse & Brasfield, may have been part of the project. Philadelphia schools were recipients of additional $9,116 in August 1938.
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