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  • Sewer System - Atlanta GA
    Numerous New Deal agencies contributed to the development of metropolitan Atlanta's sewer system during the Great Depression. Atlanta initially applied for PWA funding in July 1933, but lack of local contribution caused the city government to withdraw the application and shift it to CWA in December 1933. CWA approved funds to modernize the metropolitan area sewer system, contingent on matching funds from city and county. in March 1934, FERA began work on new sewer lines, and in 1935, the project transferred to the WPA after the passing of a bond issue. Employment was estimated at 5,000 to 6,000 men. In 1936,...
  • River Street Ramp Retaining Wall - Bethlehem PA
    CWA retaining wall project at the River Street ramp of the Hill-to-Hill Bridge was approved in 1933 and construction began in January 1934. In addition to the retaining wall, the roadway was rebuilt "to provide proper drainage" (Projects, 1935, p. 18). Northampton County experienced delays in a number of CWA projects approved in 1933, and the Hill-to-Hill Bridge work was one of the two (other was City Hall project in Easton) that were priority resumptions when others were delayed. River Street is located on Sands Island.
  • County Finance Building Improvements - Martinez CA
    The Works progress Administration (WPA) installed a new vault and made other  improvements to the Contra Costa County Finance Building in 1935-36, and perhaps later. According to WPA Project Cards from the National Archives, the vault was to be built of reinforced concrete and lined with steel and additional work was to be done to partition off additional space for the Treasurer's office.  The total amount allocated for the project was around $5,000. We know that improvement work was done because of reports in the Contra Costa Gazette.  One notes that additional painting was done on the county assessor and school administration...
  • Justice Wakefield Taylor Courthouse Improvements - Martinez CA
    The Works Progress Administration (WPA) carried out improvements on the county Hall of Records building in Martinez CA, constructed in 1932, which is now known as the Justice Wakefield Taylor Courthouse (California State Superior Court). There were three different projects approved for the Hall of Records, in 1935, 1936 and 1937, for a total of over $28,000, according to WPA Project Cards in the National Archives.  The work specified included partitions of work areas, wiring, fixtures, and heating in the courts and painting, wiring and a burglar alarm system in the Hall of Records. The Taylor Courthouse (originally the county Hall of...
  • School - Konantz CO
    The Works Progress Administration built a school in Konantz, CO in 1938. The 1,147-square-foot school replaced an unsafe wooden structure. The school was built of native sandstone at a cost of $4,500 of federal funds, and a $1,000 contribution from the school district. The location of the building is unknown to Living New Deal.
  • School Improvements - Farmhaven MS
    Unspecified school improvements were approved by WPA for the Farmhaven community school in 1936.
  • Gymnasium - Farmhaven MS
    The National Youth Administration project #872 completed demolition and salvage of the Farmhaven gymnasium and built a new gymnasium. The project employed 30 youth at a cost of $1,080.
  • Teachers' Home and Dormitory - Bogue Chitto MS
    The National Youth Administration built a combination teacher's home and dormitory for the Lincoln County Training School for African Americans as W. P. 4306 in 1937-1938. Construction was supervised by John Quincy Martin and employed 20 boys for four months. Located on the west side of Highway 51, the building was 60 feet x 26 feet and contained 5 rooms for students, 2 apartments for instructors, and a receiving room at the entrance. The building was constructed of salvaged materials and painted brown with white trim, and white throughout the interior. Professor D. E. Magee and a committee of citizens...
  • Vocational Building - Whites Crossing MS
    Home Consolidate School constructed a vocational building in 1938 as Work Project 5209 Application #924, National Youth Administration. The project employed 25 boys, and the concrete blocks were made at the project.
  • School - Broome MS
    National Youth Administration employed 40 boys to construct the 8-room frame building with sheet metal roof in the Broome community. The project was W. P. 5208, Application # 923.
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