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  • Connecticut Avenue NW Improvements - Washington DC
    The Works Progress Administration (WPA) made improvements to a roughly four mile segment of Connecticut Avenue NW from Calvert Street to Chevy Chase Circle, in 1935-36. “The repaving of the roadway in Connecticut Avenue NW, from Calvert Street to District of Columbia line (Chevy Chase Circle), was started last year and is now completed. The street-railway tracks were removed in advance of street paving and the space thus abandoned was paved with standard asphalt pavement. Traffic headers were installed on both sides of the old railway area. The entire project was 17,500 feet long.” This work was part of the $949,496 WPA allotment...
  • Bedford Dwellings - Pittsburgh PA
    Bedford Dwellings was the first of Pittsburgh Housing Authority’s construction of low-cost housing. Dr. B. J. Hovde, the administrator, announced the contract would be awarded to Ring Construction Company with the low bid for the 420 units at $1,173,000. The completed project was proposed to cost $2,560,000 and cover a 20-acre site on Bedford Avenue. Low bidders on plumbing work was Moss and Blakely, heating was George H. Soffel and Company, and electrical was Sargent Engineering Company. Lumber and millwork was awarded to Atlas Lumber and Supply Company. Bedford Dwellings were ready for occupancy March 1, 1940 and able to...
  • Electric Distribution Improvements - Okolona MS
    Okolona obtained electric power in 1935 through the Tennessee Valley Authority power plant at Muscle Shoals, Alabama. Funding to extend the municipal power system into the surrounding rural area was approved by PWA 9/25/1935. Project 1139 for a loan of $21,000 and grant of $17,042 was begun 3/9/1936 and completed 2/25/1937 for a total of $38,860.
  • University of Southern Mississippi Improvements - Hattiesburg MS
    The State Teachers College in Hattiesburg received funding from ERA in 1934 and 1935 for improvements and repair to several buildings on campus. The school received $28,532.89 for repairing the hospital building, redecorating the interior of the library, renovating four campus cottages, placing flood-lights on the athletic field, refinishing floors in the president's home, and enlargements and alteration of the demonstration school gymnasium along with brick veneering of the exterior. the library was enlarged and improved. At least two of the buildings (president's home and demonstration gymnasium) are extant.
  • Central High School Building Addition - Knoxville TN
    Central High School was built in 1931. The Works Progress Administration (WPA) added a "school room equipment." The WPA cost was $3,085.66. The WPA also did work on the football field and grounds improvements. The WPA cost was $4,750.76.
  • Waterworks Improvement - Sumner MS
    Public Works Administration grant x1372 was approved 9/13/1938 for a loan of $2700 and grant of $2700. The construction started 12/30/1938 and was completed 8/15/1939 for a total cost of $5588.
  • Waterworks - Maben MS
    Public Works Administration project 1054 provided a $21,000 loan and $16,587 grant for the waterworks system in Maben. It was approved 11/17/1936, construction started 4/19/1937, and completed 8/27/1937 for a total cost of $36,983.
  • State Board of Health Laboratory Extension - Jackson MS
    The state health board of Mississippi was allocated $5,420.31 to erect an extension to the laboratory for the health department located at the Old Capitol building in Jackson. The new addition to the laboratory was completed in November 1934 with funding from ERA. The addition included a "new and modern animal pen, with a concrete floor" (Union Appeal, 1934, p. 1). The pen, and its "cyclone proof iron fence" was for animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, and white mice, used in the manufacture of serum. The laboratory tested animals suspected of rabies in order to provide anti-rabies treatments.
  • State Penitentiary Improvements - Parchman MS
    Using ERA funds, Parchman Farm State Penitentiary was one of several state institutions to receive funding for repairs and improvements, 1934-1935. The Penal Board president reported many buildings in need of repair, including the farm's light plant. Specific repairs are not identified, but $10,401.20 was awarded. In January 1935, the facility built two new dormitories to house prisoners and several other buildings related to running the prison, although whether these were part of the ERA expenditure is not identified. It is unknown if those buildings are extant, although there are surviving buildings from that era. Alan Lomax recorded prisoners singing...
  • University of Mississippi Improvements - University MS
    The CWA and ERA completed repairs and improvements in state institutions across Mississippi in 1934 and 1935. At the University of Mississippi, the interior and exterior of two women's dorms were painted, music hall and campus residence were repaired and repainted, and six other buildings improved. In addition, a new warehouse was constructed, fence, walks and press booths for the athletic field added, drainage structures installed across campus, 525 feet of sidewalk laid, and a dorm destroyed by fire was razed and material salvaged. The total expenditure for the work was $24,043.23.
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