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  • Power Improvements - Canton MS
    PWA project x1333 for improvements to Canton Municipal Utilities was approved Sep. 16, 1938. A $31,500 grant and a loan for the same amount was awarded. Construction began Dec. 19, 1938 and was completed Jul. 28, 1939.
  • Middle Intervale School Improvements - Bethel ME
    The Middle Intervale School was one of several schools that were improved with Civil Works Administration (CWA) funds in Bethel. The work consisted of painting the interior and exterior of the building, and the labor was paid for the most part with CWA funds. The CWA expenditure was $1236.00 for all school improvements in Bethel. The exact location and condition of this facility are unknown to the Living New Deal. Excerpt from the Annual Reports of the Officers of the Town of Bethel: "1933 Superintendent of Schools Through the funds furnished by the Civil Works Administration milk has been provided each school day to meet...
  • Pond Creek Bridge - Tobyhanna Township PA
    This structure, which carries State Route 2016 across Pond Creek, is a 12-foot stone arch bridge constructed by the Pennsylvania Department of Highways with funding and labor from the WPA. From the notes: This structure is an excellent example of a WPA-sponsored project because of its well-preserved condition and undisturbed setting, where it spans Pond Creek on a rural road just outside of Lackawanna State Forest. The parapet walls of this skew stone arch bridge display careful rustic craftsmanship and an interesting mix of identifying marks. Designed by a state highway department, constructed with local labor, and paid for by...
  • School - Good Hope MS
    The Good Hope community in Leake County was awarded a $9,816 grant and a $12,000 loan through the Federal Emergency Administration of Public Works. Project W1062 was approved November 14, 1935. Construction started May 13, 1936 and was completed January 15, 1937 at a cost of $21, 816.
  • School - Cascilla MS
    A one-story brick veneer school was completed as Public Works Administration project 3900, July 31, 1935. An $11,500 loan and a $5,371 grant were awarded on March 21, 1935. Construction began April 16, 1935. The total of the project came to $18,711 at completion. The school contained 6 classrooms, a music hall, an office, and a 46 x 90 feet auditorium. The project employed an average of 25 men per day with an average weekly payroll of $600. Contract was awarded to M. T. Reed Construction of Belzoni. W. G. Eckles, State Director of School Building Service was the architect.
  • Bathhouse at 4H Pool - Dunbar/Institute WV
    According to a newspaper account, FERA built a new bathhouse at the 4H pool west of Dunbar.It is unclear if the pool that currently exists at the site is the original, and it is believed that the current bathhouse is a replacement of the New Deal project.
  • University of Arkansas Livestock Forestry Station - Batesville AR
    "The Livestock and Forestry Research Station - known as the Batesville Station - is a 3,000-acre unit developed to do research with beef cattle management/production and forestry. The primary focus of this unit is to do large-scale replicated forage utilizing three of the predominate forages commonly used in Arkansas – Kentucky fescue, Bermuda grass and winter annuals on approximately 1,250 acres of pasture and hay areas. Research is conducted using the 350-head brood cow herd. The forestry program is comprised of 1,750 acres of upland hardwood timber and shortleaf pine. These tracts of timber are managed to enhance productivity, species...
  • Wildfire Prevention Work - Oakland CA
    The Works Progress Administration (WPA) undertook several wildfire control projects in the hills behind Oakland, including brush clearing, fire breaks, fire patrols and fire trails.  Given the natural frequency of fires in California's dry summers – such as the massive Oakland Hills fire of 1992 – this kind of work was undoubtedly valuable for fire control. Seven projects were approved in 1935-36, as described in WPA project cards detailed here. Approved projects were not always carried out, however, and in this case one was defunded, another deleted and two were superseded.  It is almost impossible to confirm that the other work...
  • Storm Sewers - Luling TX
    The works Progress Administration manufactured 18", 24" amd 36" diameter reinforced concrete pipes on site, dug trenches and installed the pipes underground for a storm sewer system in Luling. The official project number was 665-66-1-161.
  • CCC Camp F-3-W - Bighorn National Forest WY
    The Civilian Conservation Corps built CCC Camp F-3-W in the Bighorn National Forest, in 1939.  
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