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  • Bean Blossom Township School (Stinesville Elementary School) - Stinesville IN
    Built in 1936-37, occupied for school use on September 7, 1937. In 1875, the school district built a wood frame schoolhouse near the center of town. In 1903, the board built a masonry building to replace the frame school. In 1935, a fire destroyed the school. The building was insured for $35,000, but the estimated loss was $100.000. The new school served the entire township, since Indiana officials had been encouraging public school consolidation since the 1890s. Public Works Administration awarded a grant for $57, 348 to fill the gap. Additionally, the town sold bonds to fund the school. The...
  • Bremer County Courthouse - Waverly IA
    The Public Works Administration (PWA) funded the construction of the Bremer County Courthouse in Waverly IA in 1935.  The project received $60,750 from the PWA. 
  • John Day Highway Improvements - Fossil OR
    A late 1936 public announcement indicated that a contract had been awarded to Fisher Bros. of Oregon City to grade and resurface 4.1 miles of the Fossil-Kinzua junction of the John Day Highway during the following year. The Oregon State Highway Commission announced that the 1937 road maintenance budget topped $3,000,000, an increase of $150,000 due to the state's growing highway miles. Reflecting the Public Works Administration's (PWA) contribution to the state's transportation infrastructure, projects could be completed in counties throughout the state. That included this important section of roadway between Fossil, Wheeler County's county seat, and Kinzua, the site of...
  • Wilson Park Entrance - Bedford IN
    The Works Progress Administration (WPA) built the Wilson Park Entrance in Bedford IN in 1936. According to Ron Bell writing for Times-Mail, the WPA added "new entrances at Otis, Thornton and Wilson parks "
  • Jones College: Vocational Building - Ellisville MS
    Work was begun on the vocational building for the Jones County Agricultural High School and Junior College campus in February 1936. The building was a one story, 124 x 155 feet building constructed of concrete, glass, steel and wood, costing approximately $32,000, and employing 75 workers. Supervising architect was T. R. Hearon. The new building was dedicated at Homecoming, November 1936. The status of the building is unknown, but does not appear to be extant on maps.
  • Blaine Stadium and Fieldhouse - Ponca City OK
    The Works Progress Administration built the Blaine Stadium and Fieldhouse in Ponca City OK in 1936-1937. The stadium is built with rusticated stone. It is still used by Ponca City High School football. It was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1988. According to the Oklahoma Landmarks Inventory Nomination for the Blaine Stadium, the stadium project created "wages for 32,000 man-hours of labor into the local economy, helping to revitalize the mainstreet hit hard by the decline of the oil industry and of the value of agricultural products."
  • Civilian Conservation Corps Los Angeles District Headquarters (demolished) – Van Nuys CA
    In March 1936, the U.S. Army leased the Robert Morton Company building and property at 6001 Van Nuys Boulevard, Van Nuys, California, to serve as headquarters for the newly-created Los Angeles District of the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC).  The Robert Morton Company had been a producer of pipe organs and closed its business in 1933.  After remodeling the interior, the building was dedicated to its new mission on May 21, 1936. The entire property was described as β€œone block square with a 222-foot frontage on Van Nuys boulevard, and extending 55 feet west to Vesper Street. There are two main buildings...
  • Land's End Observatory - Grand Mesa CO
    In the 1936-37, the Works Progress Administration (WPA) helped the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) build the stone observatory (later visitor's center) at Land's End on the western tip of Grand Mesa. It was built in the Rustic Style popular in the early 20th century, of heavy basalt stone from the mesa and rough timbers. Grand Mesa is the largest flat-topped mountain in the world, around 500 square miles in area and 10,500 high.  It is entirely within the Grand Mesa National Forest. The observatory was shuttered when we visited, but not permanently closed, we hope.
  • Fowler Swimming Pool and Bathhouse - Fowler KS
    The Works Progress Administration (WPA) built the Fowler Swimming Pool and Bathhouse in Fowler KS. Fowler was apparently hard hit by the dust storms of the 1930s, and the construction of a swimming pool would bring not only construction jobs but welcome relief from dirt and heat. Cost in 1936-1937 was $13,000, of which the town paid $3000. The pool's dedication ceremony on July 30, 1937 drew 1,000 people. The project was approved in may 1935, but construction was delayed and began in March 1936 and was completed in November 1936. According to the Kansas Historical Society, "Among 40 Kansas pools improved or...
  • Waterworks - Tunnelton WV
    A waterworks construction project in Tunnelton, West Virginia was undertaken with the aid of federal Public Works Administration (PWA) funds. The PWA supplied a $26,000 loan and $21,237 grant toward the $47,236 eventual total cost of the project. Work occurred between Jan. and Sept. 1936. PWA Docket No. W Va. 1010-R
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