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  • Paulding Middle School Gymnasium - Arroyo Grande CA
    Formerly the gym for Arroyo Grande Union High School. Completed for $24,400 in 1937 with a Public Works Administration grant of $14,255. The gym is still in use by the middle school that stands on the old high school site today. Students gathered here on December 8, 1941, to listen a radio set up on the stage, as FDR asked for a declaration of war on Japan. The following April, buses gathered just outside to take area Japanese-Americans into internment at the Tulare Assembly Center. Twenty-five of the 58 members of the ill-fated Class of 1942 were Nisei, or second-generation...
  • Constitution Elm Stump - Corydon IN
    Monument The writers of the first Indiana State Constitution are said to have worked in the shade of a large elm tree because of the hot weather in June 1816. The Constitution Elm is a five-minute walk from the original state capitol building in Corydon that was the official site of the convention. Dutch Elm Disease killed the tree in 1925 but the stump was preserved with creosote. In 1937, the Works Progress Administration built a shelter for the stump using local sandstone cut by Civilian Conservation Corps laborers. The history of the site is commemorated with a bronze tablet provided...
  • Pattison State Park - Superior WI
    In 1936, the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) set up camp at Pattison State Park in Superior, Wisconsin. Pattison State Park was named for Martin Pattison, a wealthy Superiorite who had purchased the land in 1918 and gave it to the state in order to preserve its resources. The land became a state park in 1920. At Camp Pattison, the Corpsmen of Company 3663 would improve the park from a miniscule natural area to the expansive work of conservation it is today. During its construction, the men of Camp Pattison transformed the park by clearing out and building trails and bridges, renovating...
  • Loara Elementary School - Anaheim, CA
    The New Deal funded the construction of a new Loara Elementary School in Anahiem, CA. Partial funding came from the Public Works Administration (PWA). The original Loara School was demolished and replaced in 1936. You can still visit a school bell which was a part of the original 1888 Loara School building. The school appears to have been rebuilt again in recent years.
  • Princeton Road - Hopkinsville KY
    The Works Progress Administration (WPA) constructed Princeton Road, a.k.a. Kentucky State Route 91, in Christian County, Kentucky in 1936-9.
  • Wyandotte County Lake Dam - Kansas City KS
    The massive dam that impounds Wyandotte County Lake was constructed by the Works Progress Administration (WPA). "The construction of the Wyandotte County Lake (Marshall Creek) Dam began as a WPA project in 1936. On September 19,1937, with the project 90% completed, the dam collapsed. After re-engineering the dam was rebuilt ..." Facts and Figures (from county website): The dam is rolled earth core with hydraulic fill sand shell. The length of the dam is 1700 feet. Base width is 1000 feet. Crest width is 30 feet. The original depth after construction was 84 feet by the dam. Spillway length is 279 feet...
  • Great Plains Indian Highway Development - Hayes Center NE
    The Works Progress Administration (WPA) created a farm-to-market road: Nebraska State Route 25, a.k.a. Great Plains Indian Highway, heading north from Hayes Center, Nebraska.
  • Hershey-Dickens Road Development - Dickens NE
    The Works Progress Administration (WPA) created an all-weather farm-to-market road "from a point seven miles south of Hershey through Dickens to the southern point of Lincoln county" in Nebraska.
  • Museum of Ceramics (old Post Office) Mural - East Liverpool OH
    In 1936 Roland Schweinsberg was commissioned by the Treasury Relief Art Project to complete a 15-foot lunette titled "Old Bennett Pottery Plant," which depicts the 1839 pottery of James Bennett, East Liverpool's first commercial potter. In 1937 the painting was installed in the post office building in East Liverpool, which now houses the Museum of Ceramics. The painting remains on public display and hangs above the door to the museum's archives and library.
  • Wading Pool (no longer extant) - Scottsbluff NE
    In 1936 the Works Progress Administration (WPA) constructed a wading pool in the "city park" in Scottsbluff. Living New Deal believes this to mean what is now known as Pioneer Park as the project is mentioned in conjunction with a museum that was another Pioneer Park project. The pool appears to no longer be extant.
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