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  • Post Office (former) - Havre de Grace MD
    The historic (former) Havre de Grace post office was constructed in 1936 with Treasury Department funds. The building is now privately owned.
  • Middlesex Fells Reservation: Lawrence Woods Trails - Medford MA
    The Middlesex Fells Reservation spans multiple towns north of Boston. Here is a description of a couple of the projects undertaken by the W.P.A. in the park: "Middlesex Fells Reservation; four miles of bridle trails in the Lawrence Woods section of the reservation were reconstructed. The trails were widened and graded and new cross drains and culverts were installed where necessary. The work was started in 1936 and completed in 1937."
  • Nahant Beach Development - Nahant MA
    Descriptions of W.P.A. projects conducted in 1937: "Nahant Beach Reservation; the large automobile parking space adjacent to the boulevard was improved and enlarged by the completion of a project started in 1936. The area was improved and made safer for the use of automobiles by the installation of rip-rap shore protection and filling and grading of the parking space. About 3,200 cubic yards of heavy stone was placed for shore protection and 12,500 cubic yards of earth and rock were excavated and placed in regrading the auto park, the usable area of which is now about 70,000 square yards. Nahant Beach Reservation;...
  • Leo J. Martin Memorial Golf Course Development - Weston MA
    Description of a project undertaken by the W.P.A. in 1937: "Riverside Public Golf Course; this golf course, in Weston, was greatly improved by the completion of work started in 1936. The major items of work were: the removal of a hill (3,500 cubic yards of gravel) and construction of a new tee and green at No. 16 hole; seventeen tees were enlarged by approximately 35 square yards each; dead trees at No. 12 and 15 fairways were removed and 75 young pines were set out; approximately 5,000 feet of irrigation pipe was installed." Riverside was renamed Leo J. Martin Memorial Golf Course.
  • Gerry's Landing Improvements - Cambridge MA
    Description of a project undertaken by the W.P.A. in 1937: "Gerry's Landing, Charles River Lower Basin; a project for the improvement of this area was started in 1936 and completed during the year. Extensive improvements were made which involved work of grading, loaming and seeding grass areas, filling of low lands, construction of gravel walks, service roads, etc."
  • Armory - Chinook MT
    The W.P.A. constructed an armory in Chinook, Montana. Official Project Number 65-91-1602. According to local newspaper articles, the new armory was initial used as a civic center for various community events, as well as a jail, and office space for the neighboring Blaine County Courthouse. Today the building still serves at the Blaine County Courthouse Annex as well as the Chinook ambulance barn.  
  • Stenner Creek Bridge - San Luis Obispo CA
    The Works Progress Administration built the Stenner Creek Bridge in San Luis Obispo. The work included the following: "Demolish old bridge and construct timber truss bridge, over Stenner Creek on Foothill Boulevard, near the city of San Luis Obispo, in San Luis Obispo County. Not on Federal Aid Highway. County owned property." WPA Proj. No. A10-7-36, Oct. 19, 1936, Total sponsor and Federal funds $14,529, Months Spent 10, Average Employed 41. According to a NOAA Technical Memorandum, Stenner and San Luis Obispo creeks suffered destructive flooding on January 18, 1971, which likely damaged or destroyed the bridge. The current bridge is similar to...
  • Camp San Luis Obispo Improvements - San Luis Obispo CA
    Two different WPA projects involved improvements at Camp San Luis Obispo, a National Guard Training camp, formerly Camp Merriam, originally constructed in 1928. WPA Proj. No. 165-3-2634, September 17, 1936, Total sponsor and Federal funds $4,494, Months to Complete 5, Average Employed 29, "National Guard Training Camp. Move and reset frame structure, construct new footing at National Guard Training camp near San Luis Obispo, San Luis Obispo County. State owned property." WPA Proj. No. 165-3-3528, October 5, 1936, Total sponsor and federal funds $19,892, Months to complete 22, Average Employed 90, "Construct an open air theater including excavation and do other work...
  • Colfax County Courthouse - Raton NM
    The historic Colfax County Courthouse was constructed with the assistance of the federal Public Works Administration (P.W.A.). The P.W.A. provided a $110,455 grant for the project, whose total cost was $272,377. Construction occurred between 1936 and 1937. Santa Fe Trail: The Colfax County Courthouse is a five-story blond brick building typical of the 1936 Art Deco style architecture. Embellishments include glazed tile cornices, bas-reliefs depicting local farming, mining & cattle raising, art deco light fixtures and local cattlebrands are bronzed over exterior doors. Terrazzo floors, tile wainscoating, chipped-tile roof on top story and flat roofs on lower areas make for quite an...
  • Tahoe National Forest Land Improvement - Truckee CA
    The Works Progress Administration completed land improvements in the Tahoe National Forest in 1936. "Forest Rd. Improvement & development - Installation of Communication System. Alder Creek to Crystal Peak, Nevada & Sierra Counties. Clear & brush 51 acres of land adjacent to highways and roads for a distance of 14 miles with a Federal cost of $3440. Clear & brush 22 acres of land through forests for future road construction for a distance of 6 miles with a Federal cost of $1556. Install a communication system for a distance of 20 miles with a Federal cost of $844. All roads are...
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