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  • Coleville High School - Coleville CA
    Works Progress Administration (WPA) appears to have built a high school in Coleville, Mono County, California, in conjunction with the Antelope Union School District.  A WPA project card indicates that the project was approved at a cost of $3,780. The card says:   "Located on the grounds of Antelope Union School, owned by the Antelope Union School Dist. Construction of a 3-room frame school building with concrete foundations and basement. 122' long by 46' wide including heating, plumbing, etc. Sponsor: Antelope Union School District." The present Coleville High School (pictured) is a larger, more modern building than that described on the WPA card,...
  • Kingwood Avenue Sidewalks - Kingwood WV
    The Works Progress Administration built sidewalks on several streets in Kingwood. Work on Kingwood Avenue started in 1936.
  • Tunnelton Street Sidewalks - Kingwood WV
    The Works Progress Administration built sidewalks on several streets in Kingwood. Work on Tunnelton Street started in 1936.Kingwood National Register of Historic Places Nomination: (www.wvculture.org/shpo/nr/pdf/preston/94000723.pdf), accessed January 17, 2018.
  • Leiter Estate Landscaping - Washington DC
    The Civilian Conservation Corps built park amenities and landscaped portions of the Leiter Estate in 1936-1937. A National Parks Service/Historic American Buildings Survey report describes the nature of the work performed by the CCC: “Upon acquiring the Leiter estate, the NPS planned to turn the acreage ‘into a public recreation area...form a section of the George Washington Memorial Parkway.’ Enrollees from Camp NP-6-VA (Fort Hunt) engaged in ‘selective cutting to open up desirable vistas of the river.’ In addition to creating view sheds, they further enhanced visitor amenities with the construction of 2.5 miles of foot trails and fifteen table-and-bench combinations,...
  • Bald Eagle Hill Children’s Health Camp (former) - Washington DC
    The Bald Eagle Hill Children’s Health Camp was built in 1936-1937 by the Works Progress Administration (WPA) for children suffering from tuberculosis. The camp’s address was 4900 Nichols Avenue SE, which is now Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue.  The camp was located at the southern end of the avenue, near its intersection with Joliet Street, which is the site of today’s Bald Eagle Recreation Center. This WPA-built camp replaced a smaller tuberculosis facility in Northwest DC and cost between $79,000 and $110,000 to construct. In 1939, the Sunday Star described the camp: “Scattered over nearly five acres of grassy hilltop land overlooking...
  • National Training School for Girls (Former) Improvements - Washington DC
    The Works Progress Administration (WPA) renovated several buildings at the National Training School for Girls in Washington DC, located at Conduit (now MacArthur Blvd) and Little Falls Road, NW.  The National Training School was a reform school administered at the time by the DC Board of Public Welfare (and not to be confused with the Nannie Burroughs National Training School for Women and Girls). In 1936-37 the WPA did extensive work at the school, including: "Painting and major repairs; improvements to buildings and grounds... Work includes flooring, painting, erecting a building for a chicken house, barn, implement shed, and quarters; installing equipment, electrical...
  • Potomac River Emergency Flood Levee - Washington DC
    In 1936, relief workers from the Works Progress Administration (WPA) built emergency flood levees to stop the overflow of the Potomac River. The photographs show WPA crews erecting the levees in the vicinity of the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial. 
  • Woodward County Courthouse - Woodward OK
    Construction of the Woodward County Courthouse was completed in 1937 with support from the Federal Emergency Administration of Public Works (FEAPW), also known as the Public Works Administration (PWA). Additions to the original building have been made on the north side. There are three black granite cornerstones at the southeast corner of the original building. They read: "Woodward County Court House/ Federal Emergency Administration of Public Works / Project Okla.1050-R" "Woodward County Court House A.D. 1936 / County Commissioners / W.W.White - J.I.Wheelock - Lewis Morgan / R.J. Woodmansee County Clerk / Tonini & Bramlett Architects / D.C. Bass & Sons Construction Co....
  • Truckee Grammar School (former) - Truckee CA
    Now the Community Arts Center, the 1936 Truckee Grammar School was constructed as a Public Works Administration (P.W.A.) project. The P.W.A. supplied an $18,000 loan and $14,727 grant for the project, whose total cost was $35,632. P.W.A. Docket No. 1001
  • Supreme Court and Library - Carson City NV
    Completed in 1937, the state Supreme Court and Library in Carson City, Nevada was constructed with funding from the Public Works Administration.
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