The Fate of the New Deal

One of the many unknowns of Donald Trump’s impending presidency is the fate of America’s New Deal legacy. Last Tuesday, Newt Gingrich spoke before the Heritage Foundation in a wide-ranging speech celebrating Trump’s victory and the social, economic, and cultural changes… read more

Gene Fischer, 1952-2016

On October 18, 2016, Gene Fischer passed away at the age of 64. While we knew him as our Nebraska-based Research Associate, the Iowa-born teacher and columnist was a beloved member of his adopted town of Fairmount. As a long-time… read more

A Cosmopolitan New Deal

The muralists of the New Deal are often perceived as being provincial and isolationist because their works celebrate “American values,” and depict a nation that is often rural, in a figurative style. Yet, many artists were internationally-minded and their realism was… read more