Clabe Wilson and the WPA

Bench outside the town library. In memory of the five Wilson brothers, who served in WWII.

My grandfather, Clabe Wilson, was an Iowa farmer. During the slump in farm prices after WWI, he lost his farm. Clabe, my grandmother Leora, and their seven kids ended up in the small town of Dexter. He hired out to… read more

Women and the Art of Treasure Island

“Pan American Unity”

“I am quite open and unashamed in my liking for expositions—“ President Franklin D. Roosevelt, opening broadcast for the Golden Gate International Exposition on Treasure Island, February 18, 1939 Thanks to FDR, at least six of the American expositions of… read more

WPA Model of San Francisco Restored at Last

Restoring the WPA model

As I was scanning photos of New Deal public works at the National Archives in College Park, Maryland, I was startled to run across one that showed the dedication in 1940 of an enormous wooden model of San Francisco. WPA… read more

A Firebreak Runs Through It

Ponderosa Way Bridge crossing the North Fork of the American River Placer County, California.

In the wake of the most catastrophic wildfires in California’s history, Donald Trump accused state officials of shoddy forest management and recommended that the state’s dying forests should be raked. “Very important,” he said, to take care of the forest… read more

Exhibit: “New Deal Picture Stories” – The Photography of Arthur Rothstein

“New Deal Picture Stories” – The Photography of Arthur Rothstein will be hosted by the Canessa Gallery, located at 708 Montgomery St. San Francisco, CA.Opening Reception: Friday, December 7, 2018. 6:00pm–9:00 pm. Arthur Rothstein (1915-1985) is recognized as one of America’s premier photojournalists. Rothstein became the… read more

The FDR Memorial, Sculptor George Segal, and WPA Artist Leon Bibel

By Phyllis Wrynn ___________________________________ The first of the five bronze figures in George Segal’s “Depression Breadline” sculpture at the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial depicts Works Progress Administration (WPA) artist Leon Bibel—a lifelong friend of Segal’s. Many notable American artists relied… read more