Gray Brechin Interviewed in Curbed


Gray Brechin was interviewed by By Patrick Sisson for a Curbed story titled, “Stimulus isn’t enough. Our cities need a post-pandemic New Deal.” Reflecting on the current crisis, Brechin noted that, “advocates and boosters of the New Deal constantly spoke of ‘increasing… read more

All in this Together


Dear Friends of the Living New Deal, Like you, we’re rattled. As of today at midnight, the 7 million people living in the Bay Area were put under “lock down” to arrest the spread of the corona virus. Schools, shops,… read more

Frances Perkins Center Acquires Perkins’ Homestead

Frances Perkins, 1935

Some 95 million Americans collect Social Security and unemployment insurance benefits, yet few today know about Frances Perkins, the woman responsible for the social safety net so many depend on. Perkins (1880-1965) was the first woman ever appointed to a… read more

Until Covid

"America Builds: The Record of PWA”, 1939

Until Covid-19 made its murderous debut in the U.S., the withering of the nation’s public health care system had gone largely unnoticed. The response to the epidemic has been so ineffectual as to call into question the U.S.’s status as… read more

In Pursuit of a New WPA

On October 22, 2020, the 2019 Randy Martin Spirit Awardee Arlene Goldbard shared her thoughts on the to the powerful organizing opportunity we have to build a new WPA. Twice before in times of crisis, the U.S. created public service employment… read more

Come Home, America

Drafting room, Washington D.C., 1936

Homelessness in the U.S. has become so normalized as to be accepted as a fact of life. The National Alliance to End Homelessness reports that more than a half million people are without shelter on any given night. Public officials… read more

A Near-Forgotten Black World’s Fair, Remembered

Official program and guidebook

The official program of the Diamond Jubilee of Negro Progress, which opened at the Chicago Coliseum on July 4, 1940, proudly states, “This is the first real Negro World’s Fair in all history…The Exposition will promote racial understanding and good… read more