Book Review: Americans in a World at War

Review by Victoria Wolcott

Blower, Brooke L., Americans in a World at War: Intimate Histories from the Crash of Pan
Am’s Yankee Clipper
, Oxford University Press

Publication Date: August 29, 2023

Blower’s masterfully researched book, Americans in a World at War, tells the story of the New
Deal and World War II in original and surprising ways. Through the lens of the 1943 crash of
Pan American Airway’s Yankee Clipper Blower illustrates the important roles that
noncombatants played in the war. Tracing the biographies of the Clipper’s passengers back in
time Blower uncovers seldom-told stories of Broadway stars, savvy entrepreneurs,
swashbuckling pilots, and skilled diplomats in the 1930s and early 1940s. And despite the United
States’ isolationism in the decade prior to Pearl Harbor, she demonstrated the global connections
that linked her historical actors to a network of internationalists. Finally, while grounded in the
historiography of the period as well as extensive archival research, Blower tells a riveting tail
bringing her readers along for the ride on the Yankee Clipper.

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