Exhibit: Posters for a New Age Inspired by New Deal Art


The Fri., March 6, 6-8pm – Opening Reception will take place as scheduled.
We will not to serve food this event, but will provide wine, beer, and water.
We will also provide soap/water and hand sanitizer.
An update about the March 20 event will be posted next week.

Fri., March 6, 6-8pm – Opening Reception

Fri., March 13, 6pm, “Art and Activism, Posters as Tools of Social Change,” presented by LND founder Gray Brechin and Max Slavin, Creative Action Network.

Fri., March 20, 6pm, Program featuring the Sunrise Movement: “Taking Action for a Green New Deal,” presented by the Sunrise Movement.

Opening March 6 at Canessa Gallery in San Francisco, “Art and Activism: From the New Deal to the Green New Deal,” and exhibit of WPA and contemporary posters, connects the Green New Deal to its New Deal roots.  As the Creative Action Network notes, “During the Great Depression, Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal employed artists, graphic designers, and printers—many from the San Francisco Bay Area—to produce posters promoting public health, education, national parks, and the arts. Today, in response to the climate crisis, a new generation of activists turns to the power of poster to demand a Green New Deal.” the opening reception is on Friday, March 6. On Friday, March 13, the gallery will host the Living New Deal’s Gray Brechin, speaking about the New Deal, along with Max Slavin of the Creative Action Network. On Friday, March 20, a program featured the Sunrise Movement’s activism for a Green New Deal.  All events are at 7pm.  RSVP is requested. Find more details here and here, and RSVP here.

One comment on “Exhibit: Posters for a New Age Inspired by New Deal Art

  1. Dear Friends,
    Are you traveling this exhibition? Or was it curated by another organization? Curious about size of exhibition, possible other venues, etc.
    I a a board member of Bread & Roses Missouri and we are always keeping our eyes open for relevant work.
    Many thanks.
    Roseann Weiss

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