All in this Together

Dear Friends of the Living New Deal,

Like you, we’re rattled. As of today at midnight, the 7 million people living in the Bay Area were put under “lock down” to arrest the spread of the corona virus. Schools, shops, offices, theaters, and other centers of public life have closed. That includes the University of California, Berkeley, where the offices of the Living New Deal are housed.

None of us has lived through anything like this before. But some of us who have lived through a crisis or two may find a few silver linings. History tells us that crises often create the conditions for fundamental change. After all, the Great Depression brought us Social Security; the March of Dimes, inspired by FDR, brought forth the polio vaccine; World War II produced post-war prosperity and a growing middle class.

For the Living New Deal, the shut down is a chance to pause, think big, and focus on projects in our pipeline―notably producing a New Deal map of Washington DC; creating alliances with activists for a Green New Deal; and planning some high-profile events we look forward to hosting in the months ahead.

One of the joys of working for the Living New Deal is that its mission inspires others as well. We are grateful for all the many ways you contribute to making others aware of the New Deal and the compassionate leadership the New Dealers brought to their challenge. Imagine how differently they would respond to the situation at hand than the current Administration. We can only hope that the crises in public health, economic inequality, and climate change will lead voters to demand change.

For now, we have been asked to practice ‘social distancing.’ But that doesn’t mean we can’t be in touch. We welcome hearing from you and we will be reaching out as well. We’re all in this together. May we all meet on the other side of this distancing with gifts to share.

Be well.

The Living New Deal

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