Sweet Land of Liberty

Sweet Land of Liberty As a child, singer Marian Anderson (1897-1993) showed remarkable talent, but she was turned away from the Philadelphia Music Academy because she was Black. Her church raised money for her to take private lessons.  In 1939, the Daughters… read more

A Happier New Year

A Happier New Year On Christmas Eve for ten years running, the President and Mrs. Roosevelt hosted an annual party at the White House for staff and their families. Police, cooks, maids, butlers and office employees all were invited. The… read more

Happy Franksgiving!

Happy Franksgiving! President Abraham Lincoln had proclaimed in 1863 the last Thursday in November as a national holiday for giving thanks. But in 1939, retailers feared that a late Thanksgiving that year (November 30) could hurt Christmas sales. Traditionally, the… read more

More Than Just Pretty Pictures

More Than Just Pretty Pictures Gordon Parks’ work epitomized the black-and-white photography of the Depression era. He joined the Farm Security Administration in 1942—the agency’s only black photographer. He chronicled African Americans’ everyday lives, poverty, racial injustice, and the struggle… read more

Brief, but Spectacular  Growing up during the Great Depression, the screenwriter, actor and director Carl Reiner signed up for a drama class sponsored by the Works Progress Administration. He said the WPA, which ran from 1935-43, was instrumental in steering… read more

Help and Hope for Trying Times FDR and his advisors knew that rebuilding the nation would require both reforming the economy and tending to the needs of struggling Americans.  “We cannot be content, no matter how high that general standard of… read more

FDR’s Fireside Chats were a staple of his presidency. During these evening radio addresses, Roosevelt calmly reassured the American people; explained the path to national recovery; and rallied national unity.  Like all of you, we at the Living New Deal have been feeling… read more

Lessons for a Green New Deal

Lessons for a Green New Deal Though our nation faces critical challenges–political, economic, and environmental— the New Deal holds important lessons for a better future. Inspired by the original New Deal, a Green New Deal is emerging as a way… read more