Meshomasic State Forest – Portland CT

Meshomasic State Forest, the first such entity in all of New England, was improved and developed by the efforts of two C.C.C. camps: Camp Jenkins (C.C.C. Company #181), in operation from June 14, 1933 to Jan. 1, 1936; and Camp… read more

CCC Camp Wolcott – Torrington CT

The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)’s Company #176, Camp Wolcott, was based at Paugnut State Forest in Torrington, Connecticut. It operated from 1933 to 1937. Work accomplished included construction of 8 miles of truck trails and many miles of cross-country ski trails.

Cockaponset State Forest – Middlesex County CT

In operation from Dec. 9, 1933 to Jul. 30, 1941, C.C.C. Camp Filley conducted extensive development work in the Cockaponset State Forest in Middlesex County, Connecticut. Camp Hadley, Company #2101, also operated on this site, from Sept. 5, 1935 to Apr…. read more

Pilgrim Creek Experimental Fire Station Improvements – Shasta County CA

In the early 1930s, the Civilian Conservation  Corps (CCC) made improvements to an experimental fire station established by the U.S. Forest Service in the Shasta National Forest, at Pilgrim Creek just east of McCloud Ranger Station. Pilgrim Creek had long… read more

Capulin Volcano National Monument: Road and Campgrounds – Capulin NM

“The road leading up and around Capulin Volcano National Monument in Union County was constructed by the Civil Works Administration (C.W.A.) by twenty-five local men between December 1933 and April 1934 thanks to the leadership of Homer Farr, who was… read more

Route 41 (Fresno-Yosemite Road) – Coarsegold CA

Route 41 Outside of Oakhurst

The old Fresno-Yosemite road (today’s state highway 41) was rebuilt during the New Deal with aid from the Bureau of Public Roads (BPR) to the California Division of Highways.  The old road, built for wagons in the 19th century, was… read more