Lincoln Memorial: Repairs and Snow Removal – Washington DC

On May 26, 1933, Lieutenant Colonel U.S. Grant III, grandson of President Ulysses Grant and director of the Office of Public Buildings and Public Parks of the National Capital, presented a large public works program for Washington, DC, “in anticipation… read more

Ocmulgee National Monument – Macon GA

Numerous New Deal agencies had a tremendous impact on the development of Ocmulgee National Monument, the site of pre-Columbian southeastern settlement dating back millennia. “The largest dig ever conducted in this country occurred here at Ocmulgee and the surrounding area…. read more

Cove Lake State Park – Caryville TN

Cove Lake State Park, originally planned as Fort Mountain Park, was the third joint effort of the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), and the National Parks Service (NPS). The initial 668-acre park was built along the… read more

Sewers and Catch Basins – Lewiston ME

Lewiston took full advantage of New Deal funds to get much work accomplished during the years of the economic depression. One of these federally funded projects was the upgrade of the sewer system. During the hard winter of 1933/34, “Sewer… read more

School Repairs – Lewiston ME

Schools were one of the many work programs that helped reduce welfare rolls in the depths of the depression in this industrial city. Out of $239,193.23 distributed by the Civil Works Administration (CWA), “Nearly all of our public schools have… read more