Picatinny Arsenal – Rockaway Township NJ

The federal Works Progress Administration (WPA) conducted millions of dollars (not even adjusted for inflation) of improvement and development work at the Picatinny Arsenal and a sub-installation, the Lake Denmark Naval Ammunition Depot, in New Jersey. Work involved the construction… read more

Police Department – Thomasville NC

The Police Department headquarters in Thomasville, North Carolina was originally built as the community’s city hall and municipal building during the Great Depression. Construction of the Art Deco-style building was enabled by the federal Public Works Administration (PWA), which provided… read more

Portsmouth Naval Shipyard Development – Kittery ME

The W.P.A. conducted substantial development work at what was then known as the Portsmouth Navy Yard, in Kittery, Maine. W.P.A. project info: “Construction and improvements” Official Project Number: 109‐3‐11‐10 Total project cost: $200,000.00 Sponsor: U.S. Navy Department “Construct access roads”… read more

Post Office (former) – Rensselaer NY

The historic post office in Rensselaer, New York was constructed as a federal Public Works Administration (PWA) project with Treasury Department funds. The building, which was completed in 1936, has since been re-purposed as the town’s police department building.

Post Office (former) – Rockville MD

Constructed by the Treasury Department and PWA in 1938, and now used as a city police station. “By the mid-1930s, Rockville’s population was about 1,500, County government had erected the Grey Courthouse, and across the street arose a stately bank… read more