Lawrence Municipal Airport – North Andover MA

Works Progress Administration (W.P.A.) labor worked to develop Lawrence Municipal Airport in North Andover, Mass., in conjunction with the City of Lawrence and the War Department. W.P.A. project details: “Andover: Improve municipal airport” Official Project Number: 65‐1‐14‐374 Total project cost:… read more

Linden Fire Station (former) Expansion – Malden MA

Works Progress Administration (W.P.A.) workers constructed an extension to the multi-purpose former community building and Linden Fire Station in Malden, Mass. WPA Bulletin: A ward meeting place has been built, recreational quarters added and library floor space doubled by a… read more

Lovell General Hospital (former) Improvements – Shirley MA

The W.P.A. conducted improvement work at the grounds of the former Lovell General Hospital [branch: North, East, South—unknown] in Shirley, Mass. W.P.A. project details: “Improve grounds” Official Project Number: 265‐2‐14‐66 Total project cost: $48,421.00 Sponsor: Commanding General, Lovell General Hospital, U.S. Army

Mansfield Training School and Hospital (former) Development – Mansfield CT

America Builds: “Many schools for feeble-minded and epileptic children have been built … At Mansfield the State of Connecticut maintains a school, which with the aid of a PWA grant of $2,576,700 provides living and hospitalization facilities, as well as… read more