Millinocket Municipal Airport – Millinocket ME

“Millinocket Municipal Airport is operated by the Town of Millinocket. Located on Medway Road, the airport has been in existence since the 1930’s when it was built by the Civilian Conservation Corps and the W.P.A. The airport has two runways,… read more

Moore Army Airfield (former) Development – Ayer MA

The Work Projects Administration (W.P.A.) undertook construction and development work at what was then Moore Army Airfield, a part of Fort Devens development. “Clear small brush and prepare for construction of a landing field” Official Project Number: 165‐14‐4057 Sponsor: Commanding… read more

Municipal Building – Lead SD

Lead, South Dakota’s striking Art Deco Municipal Building was constructed as a Public Works Administration (PWA) project during the Great Depression, although construction is sometimes mis-attributed to the Works Progress Administration (WPA; see Lead Historic Preservation). The building “allowed the… read more

Municipal Building – Skiatook OK

This building was constructed by the WPA in 1940: “A rectangular…structure, the Skiatook Municipal Building looks very much like an armory. It is constructed of dressed and lightly rusticated native sandstone laid randomly…It appears to be a military armory, but… read more

Municipal Building – Springville NY

This building was constructed as Springville’s municipal and fire hall building by the WPA in 1936-1937. It no longer appears to house the fire department, but continues to serve as a municipal building housing the police department, court and other… read more

Municipal Improvements – Brentwood MD

According to an index of WPA projects in the national archives, the WPA did extensive work in Brentwood, including: installing water mains, constructing sidewalks, curbs and gutters, and paving and storm drainage. Records show the WPA also constructed a Law… read more

Municipal Improvements – Bucksport ME

Many useful things were done in this coastal community whose population in 1930 was 2,135. The 1934 town report mentions E.R.A. work on the fire station, and the 1936 town report of the Fire Chief requests appropriations in order to… read more

Murphy School – Murphy TX

“There is a Work Projects Administration plaque, dated 1938-1940, on the front of the building, and the school’s cornerstone references the WPA and the dates 1939-1940. A Texas Historical Marker at the rear entrance (which is the main entrance today)… read more