Fort Dix – NJ

Dating from WWI, Fort Dix [or, as it was known during the pre-WWII era, Camp Dix] provided training for soldiers enlisted in the U.S. Army. According to a Works Progress Administration (WPA) Information Division document, the WPA engaged in “Campwide improvement… read more

Fort Douglas: Recreation Hall & Pool – Salt Lake City UT

Fort Douglas was expanded during the New Deal by the PWA, CCC and WPA.  The WPA added several homes for senior officers (buildings 621-625 on the central parade grounds, along De Trobriand Street) and non-commissioned officers (buildings 658, 600, 664, 665, 666… read more

Fort H. G. Wright (former) Improvements – Fishers Island NY

The Works Progress Administration (W.P.A.) developed conducted improvement work at what was then Fort H. G. Wright. The following projects were sponsored by the Commanding Officer, Fort H. G. Wright, U.S. Army. Description: Improve buildings, facilities, and grounds Official Project Number: 165‐2‐15‐99 Total… read more

Fort Hancock (former) Development – Highlands NJ

The federal Works Progress Administration (WPA) conducted substantial development work at the former Fort Hancock. Numerous projects undertaken by the New Deal agency, totaling more than two million dollars [not adjusted for inflation], included utility and infrastructure overhauls, building new military facilities, reconstructing docks, erecting… read more