Fireman’s Park Improvements – Brenham TX

The Brenham Fire Department established Fireman’s Park in 1884.The Fire Department gave the park to the City of Brenham in 1917 “for cancellation of the department’s indebtedness to the city.” The Works Progress Administration made improvements to the park consisting… read more

Folger Park Redevelopment – Washington DC

Folger Park - Washington DC

Folger Park on the south side of Capitol Hill was named for Charles J. Folger, U.S. Secretary of the Treasury from 1881 to 1884. Part of the original L’Enfant plan of Washington DC, the park was significantly improved in the… read more

Forest Hill School Complex – Jackson MS

The Public Works Administration W1183 funded constructing for new buildings and improvements for five Hinds County schools in 1938-1939. Forest Hill School used funds to construct a vocational building, auditorium, gymnasium, and home for the vocational teacher. They used a… read more

Fort Churchill Restoration – Lyon NV

The Civilian Conservation (CCC) helped the National Park Service reconstruct Fort Churchill in the 1930s. Fort Churchill was an 1860s army post built along the Overland Emigrant Trail, which was abandoned in 1869 when its usefulness had passed. Afterward, it… read more

Fort Dix – NJ

Dating from WWI, Fort Dix [or, as it was known during the pre-WWII era, Camp Dix] provided training for soldiers enlisted in the U.S. Army. According to a Works Progress Administration (WPA) Information Division document, the WPA engaged in “Campwide improvement… read more

Fort Greene Park – Brooklyn NY

This large, lush Brooklyn park dates back 150 years. NYC Parks explains that “Another series of renovations made in the 1930s further enhanced the classical design of the park. Parks architect Gilmore D. Clarke regraded the grounds, added new trees… read more