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  • McKee Bridge Picnic Ground (McKee Bridge Forest Camp): Riverbank Retaining Wall - Ruch OR
    In the Rogue River National Forest, Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) enrollees from Camp Applegate learned the techniques of masonry construction through various projects at the McKee Bridge Picnic Ground. A 200 foot long rock retaining wall along the riverbank was the largest masonry project. It separates the picnic grounds from the beach adjacent to the Applegate River. The wall, made of local bedrock and river rock, reinforces the terraced picnic area and provides stone steps to the beach as well. There are three staircases in this project. The retaining wall is five to eight feet high, adjusted as required by...
  • McKee Bridge Picnic Ground (McKee Bridge Forest Camp): Community Kitchen - Ruch OR
    The Community Kitchen Shelter is the largest Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) built feature at the McKee Bridge Picnic Ground. The 18' x 35' structure demonstrates the rustic-style design work that CCC enrollees used in the development of many US Forest Service campgrounds in Oregon. During 1935-1936, CCC enrollees from Camp Applegate learned the carpentry and masonry required that went into the kitchen shelter, using local stone and wood. The entrance to the kitchen shelter faces the Applegate River to the south. That elevation highlights the low-pitched wooden roof covered in wood shingles, and use of parallel, flattened logs that enclose the...
  • McKee Bridge Picnic Ground (McKee Bridge Forest Camp) - Ruch OR
    In 1935, enrollees from the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) Camp Applegate began construction of a forest camp on the banks of the Applegate River near the McKee Bridge. The site already served as a popular local swimming hole and the CCC work would build on this popularity to open new public recreational opportunities in the Rogue River National Forest. The McKee Forest Camp opened in 1936 with privies, a bathhouse, a playground, and a community kitchen shelter as well as camp stoves, fire rings and picnic tables for day use. By the late 1930s, the Forest Camp served as a...
  • Paulding Middle School Gymnasium - Arroyo Grande CA
    Formerly the gym for Arroyo Grande Union High School. Completed for $24,400 in 1937 with a Public Works Administration grant of $14,255. The gym is still in use by the middle school that stands on the old high school site today. Students gathered here on December 8, 1941, to listen a radio set up on the stage, as FDR asked for a declaration of war on Japan. The following April, buses gathered just outside to take area Japanese-Americans into internment at the Tulare Assembly Center. Twenty-five of the 58 members of the ill-fated Class of 1942 were Nisei, or second-generation...
  • Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge - Virginia Beach VA
    The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) completed work at the Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge (also called Back Bay Migratory Waterfowl Refuge). The work was completed at this site by the CCC unit that resided at the nearby, but completely inland, Camp Pungo in what is now Virginia Beach. The original work extended from the Life-Saving/Coast Guard Station at Dam Neck, Virginia to the border with North Carolina well beyond its purchased property. Its most significant creation was the efforts to create a primary dune along the coast of Virginia to fashion an environment to protect wildfowl. Few original structures are remaining of...
  • Swallow Cliff Woods - Palos Park IL
    The Civilian Conservation Corps built the Swallow Cliff Woods, an 800-acre nature preserve with 8 miles of trails in Palos Park IL, in the Palos Forest Preserves. It was operated by the Cook County Forest Preserve District. The park features a 100-foot bluff with 125 limestone stairs that are popular for outdoor exercise and sledding.
  • Harkins Hall - Uniontown KY
    The Works Progress Administration built Harkins Hall in Uniontown KY in 1938. The building served as a Gymnasium/Community Hall. The  structure was built on a concrete base to withstand flooding after the town had experienced recurrent flooding events. 
  • International Order of Odd Fellows Park Bandshell - Barnes KS
    The bandshell at the International Organization of Odd Fellows Park is believed to be the smallest bandshell built by the Works Progress Administration. It was completed in 1939 and is still extant.
  • Zeeland Municipal Power Plant - Zeeland MI
    In 1935, the City of Zeeland, Michigan began its transition to a municipal power system, after purchasing power through a franchise with Consumers Power Company since 1902.  In 1936, Zeeland built a light and power distribution system for $36,000, and then added a diesel-powered electric power plant on East Washington Avenue for $85,000 to complete the system.  A combination of revenue bonds and assistance from the Public Works Administration financed the project.  The plant was dedicated on November 9, 1937. The Zeeland City Council supervised its operations until a charter was enacted to form the Zeeland Board of Public Works...
  • Old Pinetop Jail - Pinetop-Lakeside AZ
    Built in 1935 by the Works Progress Administration. Moved from Clare Ln in Pinetop in 1988. Donations Made by First Interstate Bank, JTPA Youth, and The People of Pinetop-Lakeside to Preserve Pinetop's History. History: It appears that the jail of the past has been reconstructed to its current configuration, with major changes like cell bar locations, stone, etc.
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