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  • Dugway Road Improvement - Clifton ID
    The Civil Workers Administration (CWA) improved a road into Clifton Basin located above the town about 4 miles. The overall length of the improved route was about a mile long and allowed a smoother, less steep, and less dangerous route into the National Forest lands of Clifton Basin and beyond. Presumably, part of the reason for the improved route was to make the harvesting of fuel for homes in the form of trees much more convenient. This project was awarded via the CWA as Clifton Wood Road Project 21 B1-15 in 1933.  
  • Erosion Control and Drainage (Camp Bowie) - Brownwood TX
    Until World War II, the site of present-day Camp Bowie was privately owned agricultural land. It is presently the site of Camp Bowie, a military installation owned by the Texas Military Department. Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) Camp 3818(V), active in Brown County from 1935 to 1936, was composed of 250 local veterans (hence the “V”) and was tasked with erosion control and drainage projects on privately owned land around Brown County. A few structures (now in ruins) likely built by CCC Camp 3818(V) remain on what became part of Camp Bowie, a military installation, at the start of World War...
  • Deming Park - Terre Haute IN
    The Works Progress Administration made a number of improvements to the original 1919 city park, including stone drinking fountains, walls and entrance gates, and a stone bridge that are identifiable in 2023.
  • School Gymnasium (former) - Roll IN
    Now a private residence, the Washington Township Gymnasium & Community Building was built by the Federal Emergency Administration of Public Works in 1938 as an addition to the 1916 Roll, Indiana School.
  • Los Padres National Forest Relief Map - Santa Barbara CA
    A 10 by 12 foot relief map of the Los Padres National Forest was made in 1934 by enrollees of the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC). The map is based on Forest Service and US Geological Survey maps of the area and was intended to be used in support of fighting forest fires. The plaque on the map tells us it was constructed at the CCC Camp at Castella CA near Mt. Shasta. The relief map was first displayed at the California International Exhibition in San Diego in 1935, then installed in the Santa Barbara County Courthouse in 1936...
  • Delta High School Mechanical Arts Building (demolished) - Delta UT
    A new Mechanical Arts building was constructed for Delta High School, in Delta, Utah in 1935-36 with funding from the federal Public Works Administration (PWA).   It was part of a larger project for the Millard County School District that included a gymnasium for Hinckley High School in Hinckley and a gymnasium at Millard High School in Fillmore.  Total cost for the three buildings was $130,000.  The architects of all three were Carl W. Scott and George W. Welch. The contractors were Talboe and Litchfield. Delta High School was torn down and replaced by a new school complex in the early 2000s....
  • Spencer State Forest: Residence - Spencer MA
    The Civilian Conservation Corps Camp S-60 from Brimfield built a supervisor's residence in the Spencer State Forest in 1937-38.
  • Custer Elementary School - Custer WA
    The Works Progress Administration built the elementary school in Custer WA.
  • Tyson School (former) - Versailles IN
    The former Tyson School in Versailles, Indiana was constructed as a federal Public Works Administration (PWA) project. The facility has since been converted to apartments. Partially funded by and named in honor of a community benefactor who grew up in the town of Versailles (and by the way, the one in Indiana, is "Vur-saylz"). James Tyson was one of the founders of the Walgreen drugstore chain and also supported a library and an absolute jewel of an Art Deco inspired church. The Tyson Temple United Methodist Church is a memorial to Mr. Tyson's mother.
  • Moore Home State Historic Site - Lerna IL
    The Moore Home was the home of Abraham Lincoln's stepsister. Lincoln saw his stepmother Sarah Bush Lincoln here for the last time January 31, 1861. The Civilian Conservation Corps dismantled the dilapidated structure and reconstructed it using as much of the original materials as possible.
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