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  • Vasona Dam and Canal - Los Gatos CA
    Teh Public Works Administration (PWA) built the Vasona Lake and dam in Los Gatos California. The dam is part of a local park and still part of the local water system. Built in 1934-35 as stated on the plaque at the top of the dam. PWA project 6051. 
  • Lower Blue Campground - Blue AZ
    The Lower Blue Campground was built in the mid 1930's by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC). It involved clearing the land, land improvements, building steps, a stone wall, and a bench for campers. While today the campground that was cleared by the CCC is no longer maintained and now an empty field with the current campground on the side the wall, steps, and bench are still there just abandoned. An interpretive sign is near these CCC sites to explain.
  • Rowan University (Former Glassboro State Normal School) Improvements - Glassboro NJ
    Glassboro State Normal School, founded in 1923, trained South Jersey women and men to be elementary school teachers. In 1935, when they received federal funds, there were 330 students at the school. Today, Glassboro State Normal School is Rowan University. A rapidly growing institution with a full complement of University undergraduate subjects, two medical schools, a nursing school, and a new school of veterinary medicine, Rowan has bounded beyond its origins as a Normal School. In the summer of 1935, Dr. J. J. Savitz received approval from the Works Progress Administration of Camden County 8th District for several Improvement projects for...
  • Stuart Guard Station - Emery County UT
    The Stuart Guard Station was originally built by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the early 1930s and was in regular use by the U.S. Forest Service for several decades thereafter. The Stuart Guard Station has a small museum right next door offering a glimpse of the 1930s life of a ranger and his family who once lived there. Exhibits of Civilian Conservation Corps projects and original equipment are also on display. It is a scenic stop on the Huntington and Eccles Canyons National Scenic Byway (also known as the Energy Loop Byway). Many of the roads on the byway were also...
  • Florida State Hospital: Landis Hall - Chattahoochee FL
    Landis Hall was completed in 1938 as a 202-room dormitory for student nurses and other employees working at the Florida State Hospital in Chattahoochee, Florida. It replaced the old nurses home which was destroyed in February 1937. The construction contract was financed in part by the PWA and awarded to Batson and Cook of West Point, Georgia. The building was named for the late Florida Attorney-General, Cary D. Landis. PWA Docket No. Fla 1372-DS.
  • Draper Junior High School (Former) - Eden NC
    The Draper Junior High School building was originally constructed in 1938/1939 with funding from the Public Works Administration (PWA), which was by then a part of the Federal Works Agency. When the Junior High School was later closed, the building served as Draper Elementary School for several decades. Draper Elementary School was closed in the mid 2010s.  The city of Draper has also been dissolved to become part of the city of Eden. Recently, the building has been used as a storage facility for Rockingham County Schools. In 2021 the City of Eden purchased the property from Rockingham County Schools. The city has...
  • Moosehorn National Wildlife Preserve - Baring ME
    "Moosehorn National Wildlife Refuge is a northern treasure in the National Wildlife Refuge System. It consists of nearly 30,000 acres of federally protected lands in northeastern coastal Maine. The refuge's landscape is varied, with rolling hills, large ledge outcroppings, streams, lakes, bogs, and marshes. The diversity of forests and wetlands provides habitat for over 225 species of birds, endangered species, resident wildlife and rare plants. A northern hardwood forest of aspen, maple, birch, spruce and fir dominates the upland. Scattered stands of majestic white pine are common. The Edmunds Division boasts several miles of rocky shoreline where tidal fluctuations of...
  • Cumberland Falls State Resort Park: Gorge Overlook Shelter – Corbin KY
    The Civilian Conservation Corps built a small shelter above the Eagle Falls Trail (Trail #9) overlooking Cumberland Falls and the gorge downstream.
  • East Lake Branch Library Improvements - Birmingham AL
    The Civil Works Administration completed repairs and improvements at the Birmingham's East Lake Branch Library. The New Deal mural "Fairy Tale Scenes," painted by Carrie Hill, and commissioned by the Federal Art Project, is located in the children's room at the East Lake Branch Library.
  • Cumberland Falls State Resort Park: CCC Memorial Trail (Trail 4) - Corbin KY
    Trail 4 at Cumberland Falls State Resort Park is an interpretive trail, built by Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) enrollees in 1933.  It is maintained by the park as a memorial to the CCC and is commemorated by a signboard at the trailhead.
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