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  • Camp S-59-Md (Demolished) – Oakland MD  
    Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) Camp S-59-Md was located in what is known today as Swallow Falls State Park, Oakland, Maryland.  It was the home of CCC Company 304. The work of Company 304 included road construction and firefighting.  From the park’s main parking lot, three CCC-built structures can be seen today – the park office, pavilion, and stone restroom. At nearby Herrington Manor State Park, the men of Company 304 built a dam & lake, cabins, bathhouse and more. These structures are still in use. The enrollees of Company 304 produced the camp newspaper Youghiogheny Digest (pronounced yaa-kuh-gay-nee). Numerous editions of it can be found at...
  • Municipal Pool and Bathhouse - Alva OK
    The Works Progress Administration (WPA) built the Municipal Pool and Bathhouse in Alva, OKlahoma. The pool is constructed of poured concrete and the bathhouse has Art Deco elements. The bathhouse is now painted white. It has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places.
  • Carnegie Library Mural (former) - Anaheim CA
    In 1934, the Public Works of Art Project (PWAP) funded a large three-panel mural by artist Arthur Ames, which was displayed in the Carnegie Library in Anaheim, California. The mural has been relocated to the Anaheim Central Public Library in Anaheim, CA. As of October 2023, the two smaller side panels are still there, but they are not viewable by the public due to the threat of vandalism. The central panel is currently viewable to the public for free at the Anaheim Heritage Center, located inside of the Muzeo Museum. The central mural is oil on canvas, 92 by 56...
  • Modjeska Sculpture - Anaheim CA
    The Public Works of Art Project (PWAP) and the State Emergency Relief Administration (SERA), along with local sources (Rotary Club and City of Anaheim), funded a sculpture of actress Helena Modjeska. The sculpture was created by Eugene Maier-Krieg in 1934 and resides in the northeast corner of Pearson Park in Anaheim, California. Modjeska was an actress who first immigrated to Anaheim, CA from Poland. She went on to stardom as a Shakespearean actress, regularly touring the country. But she returned to Orange County often for vacation and eventually purchased property in the area. The front of the statue portrays Modjeska...
  • Hart Park - Orange CA
    Hart Park in Orange, California, was created in the 1930s by the City of Orange with the help of the State Emergency Relief Agency (SERA) and the federal Works Progress Administration (WPA). Orange City Park was the town’s first park. In 1935, a proposal was submitted for funding to build Orange City Park with $30,963 from the WPA for relief labor and $12,362 in local funds for materials, employing 66 men for 11 months. The proposal was approved in early 1936 and the work probably continued for the next two years, given the extensive improvements made. This was part...
  • Municipal Auditorium - Topeka KS
    The Public Works Administration provided $7 million in funds to construction this auditorium with room for city offices. The building was renovated in 1991 and is now the Topeka Performing Arts Center.
  • Stanford Settlement Neighborhood Center - Sacramento CA
    In 1939, the Works Progress Administration built an elementary school that is now the the Stanford Settlement Neighborhood Center—a Community Resources Center.
  • Ashland Elementary School - Ashland KS
    The Ashland Elementary School in Ashland KS is an elementary school built in 1937 with Public Works Administration funding. This is a two story red brick building with a flat roof and parapet. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and it is still in use.
  • Charlotte Road - Baring ME
    The July 18 1938 Bangor Daily News reports on roadwork in this sparsely populated town near the Canadian border. "The towns of Dennysville and Pembroke have no WPA projects, although a number of WPA workers from these towns are employed on the Moosehorn game reserve in the Baring area. Road construction is carried on along the road from Baring to Charlotte. This, in unimproved sections, is very narrow, with hardly sufficient width for the passage of two automobiles. When completed, a "through" road of splendid construction will prove a short-cut to Calais from residents of Charlotte and Pemmbroke as well...
  • Fort Gibson School and Gym - Fort Gibson OK
    The Works Progress Administration built the Fort Gibson School and Gym in Fort Gibson OK. The School/Church is presently abandoned.
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