Ann Hawkins

My father and his two brothers left Ohio when they were in the 7th, 8th, and 9th grades. They road the rails to CA and joined the CCC, sending home $75 apiece each month in order to support their families… read more

Dale Thomas Mathews, D.Phil.

My late father did his doctoral research on the New Deal in Puerto Rico, which he subsequently published. While the English version, titled “Puerto Rican Politics and the New Deal,” has long been out of print, the University of Puerto… read more

Russ Czaplewski

Father and grandparents lived at New Deal project; grandfather employed by WPA

I am descended from a family that lived on the Resettlement Project at Loup City. The ‘Farmsteads’ as the project was better known, was one of eight Resettlement projects spread across Nebraska. The Loup City project was home to my… read more

Madilane Perry, Washnington

Daughter of former CCC, WPA, and NYA workers

My parents and my stepfather were participants in various New Deal programs but my father was the most active. He was enrolled in the CCC, worked for the NYA and helped to build Grand Coulee Dam. After that he went… read more

Ned Pearlstein, Berkeley CA

In 1937, when I was just seven years old, my family moved from 92st Street, between Amsterdam and Columbus Avenues, to an apartment at 50 West 90th Street. It was a major move for me, since I found myself plunged… read more

Philip H Willkie

My grandfather was Wendell Willkie(WLW). I grew up in a political laboratory. From the earliest age my father Philip, the only child of WLW talked endlessly about Joseph McCarthy & Roy Cohen, who were destroying America. Dad was an anti… read more

Steve Worsley

I believe that Coit Memorial Tower should be a 1934 Museum with a docent. My story as to why I say that comes from the outer Mission in Depression San Francisco. Just one of those stories about another shattered Irish… read more

Craig B. Wilson

[Note: My father, Carl C. Wilson, wrote this remembrance of his year in the CCC for his family. As you will read, the CCC was instrumental in his decision to become a forester. In 1978 he retired from a distinguished… read more

Viviana Dominguez

I am an art conservator specialize in New Deal murals . I restored 6 murals so far between Ellicot Cityin Maryland (old post-office), Fullerton (old city hall) in California, Arizona Southern(at ASU) and Key West in Florida. I enjoyed each… read more