Robin Freeman

In, perhaps, 2015, I attended a lecture by Grey Brechin which inspired me to put together a string of my experiences which illustrated the profound effect the New Deal has had on my life and how it had been largely… read more

Edward Sweeney – CCC Enrollee

My father Edward Sweeney, and his two little brothers, were orphaned when their parents died in the flu pandemic of 1920. He was 2 years old. His single Aunt Kate Shea (later Tighe), picked up the boys from Pennsylvania, and… read more

Isidore Horowitz, by Dr. Laura Hapke

During the Second New Deal, a revolution in aid to working people was born. The Social Security Act brought my uncle, Isidore Horowitz, a migrant from Lithuania (then under anti-semitic Russian rule) to tears. He was unemployed, in his thirties,… read more

Ann Hawkins

My father and his two brothers left Ohio when they were in the 7th, 8th, and 9th grades. They road the rails to CA and joined the CCC, sending home $75 apiece each month in order to support their families… read more

New Deal Maps

Check out our latest map and guide to the work of the New Deal in Washington, D.C. It includes 500 New Deal sites in the District alone, highlighting 34 notable sites, and includes an inset map of the area around the National Mall which can be used for self-guided walking tours.

Take a look at our previous guides, equally comprehensive, covering key New Deal sites in San Francisco and New York City.