Wallace Rider Farrington High School, by Theresa Schubert

If you want the complete, accurate history, of a New Deal site: Wallace Rider Farrington High School, I implore you to reach out to our alumni historian, Mr. Al Torco. He is a living legend—my fear is that he will not be around any longer. He is the keeper of the treasurers of FHS—he has 5 sheds at his property in Kailua. I was blown away by the artifacts he has there–from the inception of our campus in 1936! He started writing a book on the accurate history of Farrington, as urban legends abound, yet, in his age, he will not complete it.
Perhaps you are the entity he needs to get the story finally told!? His number is 808-387-1932.

One comment on “Wallace Rider Farrington High School, by Theresa Schubert

  1. Jordan Schiller

    I’m not really sure when this was posted but I would love to do a podcast about this School and the New Deal if it is still possibe

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