Roy Lemons

Retired petroleum engineer and former CCC enrollee

I’m 81 years old now, and I’ve seen a lot of changes. As a petroleum engineer, I’ve worked and traveled in more than fifty nations, and broken bread with the CEOs of major corporations and several heads of state. I’ve… read more

From Joseph H. Engbeck, Jr., By the People, For the People, p. 142

Cliff Russell

Former CCC enrollee

I’m glad I grew up when I did and I’m glad I lived in San Clemente. My family moved there in 1935 when I was 15. That was during the Depression and times were tough. In the summers, I went… read more

From Joseph H. Engbeck, Jr., By the People, For the People, p. 121

Herman Volz

Graphic Artist

I’m very thankful for the [FAP] project. It was a fabulous occasion where everyone could work steadily on art without any interruption. That’s the only way I think a person can really move and really develop — if he has… read more

Joseph Danysh

Art dealer and administrator of the WPA Federal Works of Art Program (FAP) in the West

The WPA days were a fantastic period in my life. The contribution that I made was not so much as administrator and director of the project as a brash young guy that didn’t worry about his own hide too much…. read more

From City of San Francisco magazine, February 4, 1976, p. 20

Daniel Barth – Gridley, CA

The Butte County hospital was built too late for my grandfather, Michael Tomasovich. He died from tuberculosis just before the hospital was built. If my mother’s family had lived 600′ to the south, in Sutter Co., he would have had… read more

William T. Davoren – Tiburon, CA

I first met FDR, the acronym, probably in 1936 when I was 12. I remember a short conversation with my mom. She was a legal secretary and mother of four. Helluva gal, barely five feet tall. It seems I was… read more

Carol Dalrymple

I was born Sept. 24th, 1940 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. My father was either working for the WPA at the time or soon thereafter. My mother never tired of telling the story of how the WPA made an error and gave… read more

Ralph Anderson – Boulder, Colorado

I grew up in the 1930s in the Rockridge district in Oakland. Construction of the New Tunnel Road began sometime early in this period just over the hill from our house with WPA workers using wheel barrows and shovels. They… read more

Bob & Stella Pilgrim

We’ve reviewed Gray Brechin’s beautifully written short essay published in the S.F. Chronicle on 12/27/05. We lived through the Roosevelt era, and we consider ourselves to be his socio-cultural & political heirs. We thank you for your contribution from the… read more

Michael Markowski

My dad worked for the CCC. It was the first money the family had in years. The CCC saved our family. Without that work, I would not be here today. God bless FDR! God bless the republic! Unlike the disciples… read more

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