Carol Dalrymple

I was born Sept. 24th, 1940 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. My father was either working for the WPA at the time or soon thereafter. My mother never tired of telling the story of how the WPA made an error and gave… read more

Ralph Anderson – Boulder, Colorado

I grew up in the 1930s in the Rockridge district in Oakland. Construction of the New Tunnel Road began sometime early in this period just over the hill from our house with WPA workers using wheel barrows and shovels. They… read more

Bob & Stella Pilgrim

We’ve reviewed Gray Brechin’s beautifully written short essay published in the S.F. Chronicle on 12/27/05. We lived through the Roosevelt era, and we consider ourselves to be his socio-cultural & political heirs. We thank you for your contribution from the… read more

Michael Markowski

My dad worked for the CCC. It was the first money the family had in years. The CCC saved our family. Without that work, I would not be here today. God bless FDR! God bless the republic! Unlike the disciples… read more

Eugene A. DeLorenzo

I was one of two hundred or so kids who were given an opportunity to trade New York City for rural Idaho. In 1940, right after I turned 17, my father forced me to sign on with the CCC and… read more