Edward Sweeney – CCC Enrollee

My father Edward Sweeney, and his two little brothers, were orphaned when their parents died in the flu pandemic of 1920. He was 2 years old. His single Aunt Kate Shea (later Tighe), picked up the boys from Pennsylvania, and raised them in the Bronx. When my Dad was old enough, he joined the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), and was based in a camp in Peekskill NY.

My father earned $30 a month, and $25 of that money was sent to his Aunt Kate. Of course, this helped stimulate the economy as well. The enclosed photos are of my Dad at Peekskill, and his Naval Record. In the right lower corner of the record it has the word “Duties.” It says CCC – Labor Parks 2 years. I did look it up in later years after watching a special on the CCC,  and there was a camp listed there. This was approximately 1937. The other photo is of his Naval Record, and references CCC on the right hand side, under Duties. He also worked with the New York National Guard, 1935 Infantry Private, when he was 17.

My Dad said they planted 500 trees in the Peekskill area, and also worked on road improvement.

By Rebecca Sweeney-Lowe

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