Edward Radice, English Scholar Present at the Dawn of the New Deal

Hugo Radice's father studied and wrote on the early New Deal

My daughter Dr. Martha Radice (a social anthropologist at Dalhousie University in Canada) heard about your project, the Living New Deal, and we thought that you might be interested in adding my father’s (her grandfather’s) works to your bibliography. Dr… read more

Dan Parks

Grandson of CCC worker

My grandfather, forced to quit school after the 8th grade to work on the family farm, fudged his age to join the CCC at 17. His CCC crew worked the Wisconsin northwoods and improved the beautiful Camp Copper Falls State… read more

Grover Jones

My family observed the New Deal projects in Lamar

I lived in Lamar Colorado until WWII, so I feel that these New Deal projects are part of my history.  I copied the following information from the internet. WILLOW CREEK PARK Memorial Drive, Parkview Ave. and Willow Valley Rd., Lamar… read more

Edie Hamlin & Maynard Dixon Murals

Sally Swope, Friend of Edie Hamlin

Maynard Dixon’s Muse Maynard Dixon and Edith Hamlin were enamored all their life with the Plains Indians, their legends and colorfulness, and everything about them. Unlike his former wife, Dorothea Lange, the famous Depression-era photographer, Edie seemed comfortable in Maynard’s… read more


Chaplain Wanda H. Hunt, former NC Senator

Youngest daughter (third child) of former participant.

My father, the late Farrall R. Holder, was a former supervisor/participant for the New Deal public roads’ project built to Carver’s Gap in rugged Western NC for the NCDOT. His efficiency, effectiveness, and reliability through diligent work demonstrated and contributed… read more

Oma L. Rose

When I was a child in the 1940s, before air conditioning and because parents did not have money for entertainment, we would take a fishing pole to a local area in Reno, Nevada called Virginia Lake to cool off and… read more

A Forest Returns – To Ohio


Ora Anderson was a journalist living in Southeastern Ohio during the Great Depression. In an oral history, he recalls the environmental and social conditions that led to the establishment of the Wayne National Forest. Along with historical photographs, Ora Anderson’s… read more


Esther Benedict

Family member of a participant

A few years ago I was helping my mother go through her things before she moved into a retirement community. There were numerous quilt pieces, some blocks and a couple of quilt tops. The sewing wasn’t all that great and… read more

George E. Forbes

Educational Advisor for Camp Cuyamaca Rancho

Our camp takes a different turn than most of the camps…. We say the first thing in preparing for a job is to build up your math and English, but instead of Italian, we teach welding and carpentry and painting… read more

From Joseph H. Engbeck, Jr., By the People, For the People, p. 135

Roy Lemons

Retired petroleum engineer and former CCC enrollee

I’m 81 years old now, and I’ve seen a lot of changes. As a petroleum engineer, I’ve worked and traveled in more than fifty nations, and broken bread with the CEOs of major corporations and several heads of state. I’ve… read more

From Joseph H. Engbeck, Jr., By the People, For the People, p. 142
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