East Bay Regional Parks: Other Improvements – Berkeley CA and Oakland CA

The East Bay Regional Parks District (EBRPD) was formed in 1934 and acquired land for parks from the East Bay Municipal Water District in 1936.  The first parks were Tilden, Sibley, Temescal and Redwood in the East Bay Hills behind… read more

Emmett Scott High School (demolished) Improvements – Rock Hill SC

“The federal government’s New Deal programs, specifically the Works Progress Administration and the Public Works Administration, also played a direct role in Rock Hill’s economic recovery. … PWA funds coupled with local bond money, improved several Rock Hill schools. A… read more

Fifth Avenue Raising – McKeesport PA

A substantial infrastructure development project was undertaken in downtown McKeesport as part of a New Deal project, sponsored by the Public Works Administration (PWA). According to the Pittsburgh Press the project involved: “Raising and paving of Fifth Avenue and adjacent streets and alleys,… read more

Fort Dix – NJ

Dating from WWI, Fort Dix [or, as it was known during the pre-WWII era, Camp Dix] provided training for soldiers enlisted in the U.S. Army. According to a Works Progress Administration (WPA) Information Division document, the WPA engaged in “Campwide improvement… read more

Fort Hancock (former) Development – Highlands NJ

The federal Works Progress Administration (WPA) conducted substantial development work at the former Fort Hancock. Numerous projects undertaken by the New Deal agency, totaling more than two million dollars [not adjusted for inflation], included utility and infrastructure overhauls, building new military facilities, reconstructing docks, erecting… read more

Fort Missoula Development – Missoula MT

The W.P.A. conducted development work at Fort Missoula in Montana. W.P.A. project info: “Construct additions to buildings” Official Project Number: 13‐3‐91‐160 Total project cost: $103,566.00 Sponsor: War Department “Construct additions to buildings” Official Project Number: 13‐3‐91‐35 Total project cost: $125,000.00 Sponsor:… read more

Fort Monmouth (former) Development – NJ

The federal Works Progress Administration (WPA) conducted millions of dollars (not even adjusted for inflation) of improvement and development work at Fort Monmouth in New Jersey. No aspects of the installation were left untouched: improvement and construction work involved developing “an… read more