Municipal Utility Improvements – Berlin NH

Extensive work was done in Berlin by a combination of the CWA, FERA, PWA, NYA, CCC and WPA all during the existence of the New Deal when “in 1935, under the leadership of newly-elected Mayor Arthur Bergeron, the Farmer-Labor Party… read more

Municipal Water System Improvements – Claremont NH

Annual municipal reports for Claremont document extensive New Deal involvement in developing the city’s water supply and sewage systems. In 1935, this work included WPA aid in the construction of the local Rice Reservoir, and CCC construction of five “water… read more

National Guard Camp Improvements – Sea Girt NJ

The federal Works Progress Administration (WPA) conducted improvement and development work at the National Guard installation in Sea Girt, New Jersey. Example project description: “Improve the National Guard camp grounds, including bulkheads, curbs, walks, sewers, manholes, and field drains, reconstructing… read more

Naval Submarine Base Development – Groton CT

The W.P.A. conducted numerous improvement and development projects at the New London Submarine Base. Project details: “Construct and improve buildings, utilities, and grounds” Official Project Number: 165‐1‐91‐105 Total project cost: $49,805.00 Sponsor: Commandant, Naval Submarine Base, U.S. Navy “Make improvements… read more

North Avenue Widening and Sewers – Burlington VT

The Public Works Administration (P.W.A.) Works Progress Administration (W.P.A.) reconstructed and widened Burlington’s North Avenue, with the W.P.A.  installing sewers as well. Widening was undertaken with P.W.A. funds in 1934, P.W.A Project No. VT 2232. Widening under the W.P.A. was… read more

North Chagrin Reservation – Mayfield OH

Multiple New Deal agencies worked to develop the North Chagrin Reservation outside Cleveland, Ohio. “Over the course of the 1930s the reservation was modernized with graded roads, permanent trails, sewage and water infrastructure, and shelter houses, much of this construction… read more

North Street Improvements – Montpelier VT

Montpelier’s 40th Annual Report details many roadwork projects undertaken in 1934 with Vermont Emergency Relief Administration (VERA) funds, including: “North Street to City Line, grading and graveling”. Sewer work was undertaken by the Works Progress Administration (WPA) in 1935: “402… read more

Northeast Boundary Sewer Extension – Washington DC

On August 22, 1933, Public Works Administration (PWA) chief Harold Ickes announced a grant of $1,759,500 for various DC sewer projects. These included an extension of the Northeast Boundary Sewer “intended to eliminate a pollution nuisance in Kingman Lake in… read more