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  • Birch Bayh Federal Building Annex - Indianapolis IN
    Annexes to the original federal building and courthouse dating to 1905 were completed in 1938. The entire structure was renamed for the late politician Birch Bayh in 2003. From the visitor's guide to the complex: "Originally half its current size, the Court House was expanded in 1938, with the east and west wings of the building extended and connected by a new north corridor. After the expansion, the building filled the entire block, rose to five stories on the north side, and incorporated two portals at the northeast and northwest corners to allow access for postal vehicles." Thus, the New Deal construction...
  • Bremer County Courthouse - Waverly IA
    The Public Works Administration (PWA) funded the construction of the Bremer County Courthouse in Waverly IA in 1935.  The project received $60,750 from the PWA. 
  • Charles E. Simons, Jr. Federal Court House - Aiken SC
    Formerly known as the Aiken Federal Court House, this PWA structure exemplifies the Georgian Revival style popular in the South in the 1920s and '30s. The National Register describes the building's history: "Constructed in 1935, the steel-framed building has housed the federal courts and federal agencies since its completion. It is among the most notable buildings constructed in Aiken in the 1930s, and retains must of its historic integrity and design character. The building also contains a ca. 1938 mural titled "Justice as Protector and Avenger" commissioned under the Section of Painting and Sculpture of the U.S. Treasury Department that...
  • City Hall (Old Federal Building) - Sitka AK
    Sitka, Alaska's City Hall was originally constructed as the U.S. Post Office and Courthouse. Constructed during the Great Depression, the concrete-construction federal building was completed to replace a wooden frame structure that had burned in 1936. The two-story building was designed in the prevailing Moderne style with simple Art Deco details and was constructed for $168,000. It has been used as Sitka's city hall since 1993.
  • Downtown Post Office - Orlando FL
    The historic Federal Building—originally U.S. Post Office and Court House in downtown Orlando, Florida—was constructed with federal Treasury Department funds. The building was dedicated on April 15, 1941, and continues to serve as the downtown post office for Orlando.
  • Federal Building - Abilene TX
    Abilene's historic Federal Building was constructed as the U.S. Post Office and Court House during the Great Depression. It was constructed with Treasury Department funds between 1935 and 1936. The building is still used by various federal agencies.
  • Federal Building - Anchorage AK
    "Constructed almost twenty years before Alaska became the forty-ninth state, the Federal Building in Anchorage symbolized the U.S. government's commitment to the economic growth and development of the territory. Providing residents with a post office, courthouse, and other federal services, it was the first large federal building constructed in Anchorage." (U.S. General Services Administration) "The building housed every federal agency with an office in Anchorage, and tenants included the Civilian Conservation Corps, the United States Department of the Interior, the Signal Corps, and the Alaska Railroad. In order to accommodate all of them, the building expanded several times. The first wing...
  • Federal Building - Columbia TN
    Originally constructed as the United States Post Office and Courthouse, the historic Federal Building in Columbia, Tennessee was constructed with Treasury Department funds. The building houses multiple examples of New Deal artwork.
  • Federal Building - Galveston TX
    By the early 1880s, the U.S. Custom House on Post Office Street was inadequate to contain all the federal offices in Galveston. To supplement it, a new United States Courthouse, Post Office, and Custom House was built at the corner of Rosenberg and Church Streets between 1886 and 1891. By the mid-1930s that ponderous Victorian building had also become inadequate, even though a separate Custom House had been built on Galveston’s “Strand” in 1933. Therefore, this six-story federal building, occupying the entire block front on Rosenberg Street, was authorized. Designed by Alfred C. Finn of Houston, it exemplifies the penchant of...
  • Federal Building - Ketchikan AK
    The first federal courthouse in Ketchikan was opened in 1905. By 1913, a federal grand jury requested the government build a new facility. In 1923, a report found the 1905 courthouse "dilapidated beyond reasonable repair and overcrowded past endurance." Finally, a decade later, relief came to Ketchikan in the form of the Work Projects Administration. An initial appropriation of $300,000 was allotted for the project with a supplemental appropriation of $100,000 to cover the $350,000 cost of the building. The plain, box-like exterior, flat roof and lack of ornamentation identify the Federal Building as International Style architecture. The building also represents...
  • Federal Building (former) - Hammond IN
    This neoclassical style building was competed in 1939 and housed the U.S. Court House and Post Office. Today, it is owned by the Hammond Baptist Church and is used as their main office.
  • Federal Building Addition - Huntington WV
    This federal building, formerly known as the U.S. Post Office and Courthouse, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and was originally occupied in 1907. According to the General Services Administration, a three-story, 100-foot extension was constructed to the west side of the building during the New Deal. “At the date of the second addition, in 1935, the original two-story courtroom was demolished, its materials salvaged, and a new, larger courtroom was added to the west end of the second floor. The new courtroom is distinguished by oak paneled wainscoting, marble baseboards, acoustic stone walls, and a decorative plastered...
  • Federal Building Addition - Wheeling WV
    The historic 1907 Federal Building and United States Courthouse in Wheeling, West Virginia was expanded during the New Deal era with Treasury Department funds. Wikipedia: "The 1938 addition, built to accommodate a district courtroom, altered the symmetry of the building. The addition uses materials and architectural details that are compatible with the original building." The building, which has been expanded further, is still in service.
  • Federal Building and Courthouse - Binghamton NY
    Originally built as the U.S. Post Office and Courthouse and now the Federal Building and Courthouse, the building was completed as a federal Public Works Administration (PWA) project with Treasury Department funding in 1935. Construction took approximately one year (~Sept. 1934 to Sept. 1935), and a striking set of New Deal murals resides in the lobby.
  • Federal Building and Courthouse Extension - Anniston AL
    This Beaux-Arts building was originally completed as the U.S. Court House and Post Office in 1906. James A. Wetmore supervised a New Deal extension of the building that was completed in 1934. The building was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on November 13, 1976. The building no longer houses postal operations.
  • Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse - Greenville SC
    What is now known as the C. F. Haynsworth Federal Building & U.S. Courthouse in Greenville, South Carolina was constructed during the Great Depression, completed in 1937 with federal Treasury Department funds. The building, which formerly housed the main post office in Greenville, presently houses the Federal Station post office.
  • Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse Extension - Gadsden AL
    Originally the Gadsden post office, this Beaux-Arts-style building was constructed in 1909. The post office was twice extended, first in 1915 and again, during the New Deal, in 1937. Louis A. Simon was the Supervising Architect of the second extension. The building was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on June 3, 1976. The building is still in use by the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Alabama, and it no longer serves as a post office.
  • Federal Building Extension - Billings MT
    The historic federal building in downtown Billings, Montana was originally constructed in 1913-4. The building was expanded in 1932 and again in 1940, the latter impacting the "rear central and southern portions of the building" and bringing with it an example of New Deal artwork. NRHP: "The 1940 expansion of the post office, which resulted in the addition of new third floor offices, was first reported on June 23, 1935. Chandler C. Cohagen was selected as the architect for the $200,000 expansion project. Several other Montana cities were included in the appropriation... John Berntson of Salt Lake City completed the construction...
  • Federal Building Extension - Bismarck ND
    Then the U.S. Post Office and Court House, what is now the Federal Building at 304 E Broadway Ave. was expanded with federal Treasury Department funds during the 1930s. Some landscaping details implemented at that time are still in place, as well. A National Register of Historic Places nomination form discusses the building: The federal government constructed this three-story building ... in 1913. ... Upon completion, the Renaissance Revival-style building housed a Federal Post Office and District Court, one of only four such facilities in North Dakota. A three-story rear wing was added in 1937. The building was nominated to the National...
  • Federal Building Extension - Missoula MT
    The original Missoula post office was completed in 1913 and then expanded during the late 1920s to accommodate the U.S. District Court for the District of Montana.  A second extension and annex was made under the New Deal, which was designed by Louis A. Simon of the U.S. Treasury Department and dedicated on October 13, 1937. By that time, the structure was known as the Federal Building. The original building was constructed in the Beaux Arts style, popular in public buildings of the early 20th century, which appears to have been repeated in the 1920s. The 1930s addition was done in...
  • Federal Building Extension - Newport News VA
    An extension to the Newport News Federal Building's main structure was built with Treasury Department funds. Construction was completed in 1941. The building, which is still in use, houses New Deal artwork. The original Newport News Federal Building was built in 1904. The building has two entrances. One is on the post office side on 26th street and the other is on the Customs side on 25th street.
  • Federal Building/Post Office - San Antonio TX
    Today this building is known as the Hipolito F. Garcia Federal Building, but a small post office branch is still operating in the building. The building was completed in 1936 and opened in 1937. It was built under the auspices of the Federal Works Program with Public Works Administration (P.W.A.) funding; the design process was under the direction of the Office of the Supervising Architect of the U.S. Treasury Department. "Its construction accomplished several goals--generating employment, housing all federal agencies in a single building, and streamlining San Antonio's quickly expanding postal needs. A skillful example of Beaux-Arts classicism, the U.S. Post Office...
  • Federal Courthouse - Aberdeen SD
    Constructed by the Treasury Department in 1938 as a post office and courthouse. It is still in use by the U.S. District Court for the District of South Dakota.
  • Federal Courthouse - Erie PA
    The historic federal courthouse in Erie, Pennsylvania is part of a complex of buildings that serve as a courthouse of the United States District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania, and other federal functions. According to the website of the General Services Administration, "A U.S. courthouse constructed at this location in 1888 was demolished to make way for the existing 1938 courthouse designed by Rudolph Stanley-Brown, a Cleveland architect who was the grandson of President James Garfield. Built during the Great Depression with funds from New Deal programs, its construction provided local jobs. The building was listed in the...
  • Federal Courthouse - Harrisonburg VA
    Originally the Harrisonburg United States Post Office and Court House, this Louis A. Simon-designed federal building opened in 1940. The GSA writes that the building "is located at the northeast corner of North Main and East Elizabeth Streets in the historic commercial and institutional center of the city. The building contains five floors, including a full basement and penthouse, and rises to a height of nearly 60 feet above grade. It is cruciform in plan, measuring approximately 104 feet wide from north to south by 142 feet long from east to west. Its masonry exterior features Classical/Colonial Revival detailing with Flemish-bond...
  • Federal Courthouse - Kalamazoo MI
    Constructed by the Treasury Department as a federal post office and courthouse in 1938-39. The building is still a functioning courthouse.
  • Federal Courthouse - Tyler TX
    The historic federal courthouse and former post office in Tyler was built with Treasury Department funds in 1933. The building, located at the northeast corner of W. Ferguson St. and N. Bois D'Arc Ave. has since been expanded to the east.
  • Federal Courthouse Improvements - Sioux Falls SD
    The court house and post office was constructed in 1895 and an addition was added in 1932. In 1941, federal funding supplied the building with a new elevator.
  • Federal Hall (Old Federal Building) - Terre Haute IN
    Terre Haute's historic U.S. Post Office and Court House was constructed with federal Treasury Department funds and completed in 1935. The building has been remodeled by Indiana State University; currently known as Federal Hall, the building houses the Scott School of Business as well as administrative functions.
  • Frank R. Lautenberg Post Office and Courthouse - Newark NJ
    The main post office in downtown Newark, NJ—designated the Frank R. Lautenberg Post Office and Courthouse in 2000 by act of Congress—was constructed during the Great Depression. The cornerstone bears the year 1933. The post office occupies the first floor of the building and features a grand lobby.
  • J. Marvin Jones Federal Building - Amarillo TX
    The historic J. Marvin Jones Federal Building in Amarillo, Texas was constructed as the U.S. Post Office and Courthouse with Treasury Department funds. The building, which was completed in 1938, houses multiple examples of New Deal artwork.
  • J. Roy Rowland Courthouse and Post Office - Dublin GA
    This New Deal federal building was constructed in 1936-37 by the Treasury Department under supervising architect Louis A. Simon. The building is located back-to-back with the county courthouse.
  • James A. Redden Federal Courthouse Extension - Medford OR
    The Medford OR post office and courthouse was originally constructed in 1916. An extension was added by the Treasury Department in 1940.  Treasury's Procurement Division was responsible for all federal buildings at the time and Louis A. Simon was the supervising architect. The extension was designed to match the original building, but it is clearly visible from the side wall joint, change in the bricks used and the plain roof line. The building is still in use by the U.S. District Court for the District of Oregon. It was renamed the James A. Redden Federal Courthouse in 1996.
  • James O. Eastland Federal Building (former) - Jackson MS
    The James O. Eastland federal post office and courthouse was constructed in 1933-34. It is a "five-story, limestone, Art Deco interpretation of a classical building" (www.gsa.gov). A new courthouse recently replaced this one, and the Eastland building is now privately owned.
  • James T. Foley U.S. Courthouse - Albany NY
    Albany, New York's historic James T. Foley U.S. Courthouse was constructed with federal Treasury Department funds as the city's main post office, courthouse, and custom house. "The architects completed their plans in 1931 and the following year, the government awarded the construction contract to Kenny Brothers, Inc., of New York City. Prominent officials and the public gathered for a cornerstone-laying ceremony on August 18, 1933, and construction was completed in 1934. The building had an exterior bridge connecting the nearby rail station with the post office, which occupied the entire first two floors." (gsa.gov)
  • John Archibald Campbell Courthouse Addition - Mobile AL
    Built as the U.S. Court House and Custom House from 1932 to 1934, this building was Renamed the John Archibald Campbell United States Courthouse in 1981. A 1939-1940 New Deal construction project involved the extension of the building to the west.
  • John O. Pastore Post Office and Federal Building - Providence RI
    This New Deal Art Deco building was originally constructed as the "post office annex" to the 1908 Federal Building and Courthouse next door. The building still functions as both a post office and a general federal building housing various federal offices. Note: Though the GSA document cited below says the building was WPA, such buildings were almost always PWA. The two agencies have often been confused. From the U.S. General Services Administration: "By the late 1920s, the need for additional space again became urgent. The city selected a site adjacent to the 1908 Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse. A local architectural firm,...
  • Michael J. Dillon U.S. Courthouse - Buffalo NY
    The Art Moderne Michael J. Dillon U.S. Courthouse in Buffalo, New York was constructed with federal Treasury Department funds. The building was constructed in 1936 and is still in use today.
  • Parcel Post Building (former) - Richmond VA
    The historic former Parcel Post Building at 1100 E Main St. in Richmond, Virginia was originally designed by Marcellus Eugene Wright, Sr. in association with the Richmond architectural firm Lee & Smith & Van der Voort. According to some sources designs were drawn up during the Hoover administration, in 1929. Begun as a four-story facility, a work order mid-construction enlarged part of the building, which became six stories tall. It is likely at this point in the construction process (ca. 1934-5) that Public Work Administration (P.W.A.) funding became involved in addition to standard Treasury Department funds; two photos of the facility...
  • Pease Federal Building (Old Post Office) - Medina OH
    "Constructed as a post office in 1938, the Donald J. Pease Federal Building now houses the U.S. Court of Appeals. The red brick building is located at the northeast corner of Liberty and North Elmwood streets."
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