New Deal Park Structures Face Demolition in NYC

East River Park, a ribbon of greenspace that runs along Manhattan’s Lower East Side waterfront, was part of a visionary plan of Parks Commissioner Robert Moses and Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia, who together oversaw a massive wave of New Deal construction… read more

Living New Deal NYC: WPA Pools, Still in Widespread Use in the City, Display New Badges of Honor

For immediate release                                             Contact: Peggy Crane, [email protected] WPA Pools, Still in Widespread Use in the City, Display New Badges of Honor Living New Deal partners with NYC Parks to affix New Deal medallions at WPA pools for one-year honorary display,… read more

Just Scratching the Surface

The work of the Living New Deal is a lot like an archaeological dig.  Archeologists discover lost civilizations with the benefit of new Lidar technology, but we come upon exciting new finds digging through old journals, newspapers and archives. I… read more

Gordon Parks, “Showing America to Itself”

“What the camera had to do was expose the evils of racism, the evils of poverty, the discrimination and the bigotry, by showing the people who suffered most under it.” These are the words of photojournalist Gordon Parks (1912-2006). From… read more

UCSF Development Puts Murals at Risk

My grandfather, Bernard Zakheim, was a seminal figure in the New Deal art world. He immigrated from Warsaw to New York in 1920, then made his way to San Francisco.  In the mid-1930s, Bernard coordinated the twenty-five muralists who created frescoes… read more

Tulsa, American Racism and the New Deal

The place of African Americans and other people of color in the New Deal still haunts the legacy of President Franklin Roosevelt’s administration. It is well known that FDR had to compromise with powerful Southern Democrats, especially key Committee Chairs and… read more