Texas Woman’s University – Denton TX

Multiple New Deal agencies, including the Public Works Administration (P.W.A.), Works Progress Administration (W.P.A.), and National Youth Administration (N.Y.A.), were involved in dramatically developing and transforming what was then the Texas State College for Women (now Texas Woman’s University) in… read more

Tornillo-Guadalupe (Fabens-Caseta) Bridge – El Paso TX

The Tornillo-Guadalupe International Bridge, known locally as the Fabens-Caseta Bridge, encouraged trade and commerce between the United States and Mexico for seventy-eight years (1938-2016), providing a symbolic and physical connection between the American and Mexican cultures. It was constructed a… read more

Tyler State Park – Tyler TX

Tyler State Park was developed by CCC Company 2888 from 1935-1941: “Set into the Piney Woods of East Texas, Tyler State Park reflects two major park development efforts. The first, directed by landscape architect Ben K. Chambers, involved extensive forest… read more

Tyrrell Park – Beaumont TX

Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) Company 845 built facilities at Tyrrell Park. The CCC camp at Tyrrell Park began operations on November 24, 1935. CCC personnel worked on building drainage ditches, roads, nature trails, picnic tables, a horse stable, recreational buildings,… read more