Lake Tomahawk and Community Building – Black Mountain NC

Black Mountain NC - Community House and Lake

In 1934 the Civil Works Administration (CWA) and Federal Emergency Lake Administration (FERA) constructed a dam to impound a recreational lake: Lake Tomahawk, in Black Mountain, North Carolina, as well as a community building and boathouse at its shore. The… read more

Malvern Hills Pool – Asheville NC

Horney Heights Swimming Pool

Now known as the Malvern Hills Pool, the Civil Works Administration (CWA) and Federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA) supplied labor for the construction / improvement of what was called the Horney Heights Swimming Pool, named for a development of the… read more

Mattamuskeet Pumping Station Rehabilitation – Swanquarter NC

“In 1934, the United States Government bought Lake Mattamuskeet and created Mattamuskeet Migratory Bird Refuge. The purchase included all physical structures and improvements on the land, including the Pumping Station. The Mattamuskeet Drainage District ceased to exist and the lake… read more

Mattamuskeet Wildlife Refuge – Swanquarter NC

Mattamuskeet Migratory Bird (later Wildlife) Refuge was established in 1934, primarily as a refuge for migratory birds along the Atlantic flyway.  It was one of the first refuges created under President Franklin Roosevelt, an ardent bird fancier and conservationist, and… read more

Merrimon Avenue Widening – Asheville NC

Merrimon Avenue Widening [(4) during and (5) after]

The Civil Works Administration (CWA) and Federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA) supplied labor for the widening of Merrimon Avenue in Asheville, North Carolina. The cost of the project was $17,297.14, which was mostly borne by the federal government. “In Asheville,… read more

Mint Museum – Charlotte NC

The Civil Works Administration (CWA) and Federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA) relocated and reconstructed the former United States Mint Building in Charlotte, North Carolina: now the Mint Museum. The project was completed at a cost of $46,724.75. “Between 1932 and… read more

Mount Mitchell State Park – Burnsville NC

“The newly established Department of Conservation and Development…immediately requested a CCC work camp for Mount Mitchell… …the upper reaches of the East’s highest mountain underwent a remarkable transformation. Fire prevention crews fanned out along the trails and parking areas, clearing… read more

North Carolina Central University – Durham NC

North Carolina Central University, in Durham, North Carolina, was dramatically expanded as five new buildings were constructed on the campus as part of a federal Public Works Administration (PWA) project during the Great Depression. B. N. Duke Auditorium, the Robinson… read more

North Carolina State University: Reynolds Coliseum – Raleigh NC

In 1942 the Work Progress Administration began construction for a building to serve as an armory, athletics coliseum, and student assembly hall. Only the skeleton was constructed during World War II; materials shortages caused by the war halted progress. After… read more

North Carolina State University: Riddick Stadium (demolished) Improvements – Raleigh NC

In 1933, North Carolina State College developed plans for new concrete stands to seat about 16,000 spectators at the existing Riddick Stadium on campus. That same year funding from the Reconstruction Finance Corporation allowed construction of several sections of concrete… read more