New Deal Resources for Teachers

George Washington High School Athletic Frieze
Athletic Frieze, George Washington High School ––San Francisco

We’re collecting New Deal Curricula for High School and College courses. Please contact us if you would like to contribute to our collection.  We would like to help disseminate curricula and teaching aids across the country.

For High School Teachers

A New Deal in California – Teacher Resources was created by the California Historical Society, for which the Living New Deal team provided input (back when we focused solely on California). It contains material that would be useful for others states, as well.

For Colleges and Universities

We’ve gathered some of the best syllabi by college professors for you. In some cases professors have asked that you contact them before using or publishing their work. Please respect those requests (noted in the syllabus where relevant):

Boom or Bust- Social Struggles of the 1930s_Buchman Evergreen F2012

Depression Era United States_Dirks Reed F2000 Hist411

Great Depression and The New Deal_Katz NUY Sp2012 Hist


Introduction to Historical Methods- The Great Depression and the New Deal_Wilson UNC F2009 Hist2100

New Deal America_OBrien UBuff Sp2000 Hist395

The New Deal’s Global History_Ekbladh Tufts HST93

TWENTIETH CENTURY AMERICAN POLITICS_ Katznelson Columbia Sp2012 PoliSci3280

University of Georgia, Laboratory Building
University of Georgia, Laboratory Building

Other Resources and Ideas for Educational Use of the Site

We have two extensive bibliographies on our Resources Page.

Teachers may want to consult our New Deal sitesmap to show students where local New Deal projects are located.  We would urge teachers to organize class projects where students can search out New Deal sites and submit the documentation to us for inclusion in our national inventory & map (we give credit to anyone who submits such data). Students also love to interview their parents, grandparents and other elders about their recollections for our New Deal stories page.

Guidelines for volunteering, seeking out New Deal sites, and submitting information are provided on our Get Involved pages.

We also hope to develop a New Deal Maps gallery soon.