Get Involved



The Living New Deal needs people like you to help us with the mind-boggling job of collecting information on New Deal public works in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. We need you to help by sleuthing out New Deal public works in your community and sending us photos, location, and any documents you can find.  We’ve had submissions by scores of people around the United States – why not be the one to lend a hand in your town?

We also need people to help see that local officials or historical societies provide proper markers and signage on New Deal buildings, parks and artworks so that Americans living today will recognize how much was done in their name – and how that legacy survives as beautiful and functional parts of our towns and cities.

We need concerned citizens to alert their communities and us about threatened New Deal sites, particularly works of art and public buildings being sold off in this time of austerity.  We need to rally folks to defend this magnificent legacy of public service and public-spirited art and architecture.

Finally, we need historians, preservationists and New Deal enthusiasts to sign on as Research Associates for their states, so that the enormous work of documentation, preservation and advocacy for a new New Deal can proceed more quickly.  We have a dozen Associates already, but that leaves a lot of states uncovered.

If you wish to volunteer, please contact us today!