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New Deal History: Revisited & Revised

News items that discuss and rethink the New Deal and its impact on America.

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    • January 7, 2024
     Led by Susan Ives, the Living New Deal produced two impressive events celebrating the 90th anniversary of the New Deal. The first was held at Muir Woods National Monument in Mill Valley, California, where the Civilian Conservation Corps did extensive work during the New Deal. Our partner, the National Park ...
    • January 7, 2024
    Our Northwest Coordinator Judith Kenny produced the second video in a planned series, "Mapping New Deal Oregon,” funded by the Kinsman Foundation. The CCC's Legacy at Eagle Creek Recreation Area does a fine job of showing off the popular park and its New Deal legacy. In Los Angeles, Research Assistant Natalie McDonald was ...
    • January 7, 2024
    The late Professor Paul Groth (UC Berkeley Department of Geography) left the Living New Deal a substantial bequest that came to us in 2023. Paul was a nationally known expert on American landscapes and a great admirer of the New Deal's contribution to the people and places of the country, as well ...
    • January 7, 2024
    The Living New Deal is attracting more eyes than ever. In November we were featured on the PBS Newshour, which boosted our website to a record 4 million views last year. According to web analytics company, Cloudfare, this puts us in the top twenty-five percent of all the websites they follow. The biggest ...
    • January 7, 2024
    The biggest group of users of the Living New Deal's online resources are students and teachers. The demand for such teaching materials is strong. Many American History teachers have reached out to us with requests and suggestions. Thus far, we have lacked the capacity to develop full-on teaching curricula, but ...
    • January 7, 2024
    The Living New Deal has become a truly national organization. Our staff and volunteer National Associates across the country are doing great work bringing the New Deal to life. Our public outreach includes webinars on a wide array of topics, from New Deal art to lessons in modern infrastructure. Locally, ...
  • WPA Nursery Schools: A New Deal for Families
    • January 3, 2024
    “Until recently, the nursery school idea was a luxury for only a few favored youngsters,” The Akron Beacon Journal declared in 1939.  “With the advent of (the) WPA, nursery schools were established in seven counties of northeastern Ohio for children coming from low-income families… the nursery schools have also afforded ...
  • Rediscovering New Deal Art in Marin County, California
    • January 3, 2024
    San Francisco boasts some of the greatest examples of New Deal art—from the vibrant frescoes created for Coit Tower in 1934 as the pilot project of the Public Works of Art Project (PWAP), to various murals executed under the PWAP’s better-known successor, the WPA’s Federal Art Project (FAP). After decades of ...
  • The Kids Are All Right?
    • January 3, 2024
    The Kids Are All Right? Between 1933 and 1934, the Works Progress Administration (WPA) opened nearly 3,000 Emergency Nursery Schools (ENS) for low-income children. The schools were free. The children were provided with nourishing meals and medical attention; played together; were read to and taught how to brush their teeth, comb ...
  • New Dealish: Welcome to New Deal, Texas
    • January 3, 2024
    During the Great Depression, New Deal programs helped improve farmland and agricultural practices in the Dust Bowl. The legacy of these programs can be seen across the Plains, but perhaps none so lastingly as in the town formerly known as Monroe that sprang up alongside the rails of the Southern ...
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